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-L-T THE POST-OFFICE NEWS DEPOT. A Pull Line Of VALENTINES Beautiful, Unique. and Comic. STATIONE 13 H" A eomplele nsorttnent of common and Fiincy Note and Letter Paper. Envelopes, Iuvitation, and Keguest cards. Wrltlug Packets, Fine Box Papers, suitable tor presente and ill kinds of Sti.tioners' supp.ies. BLANK BOOKS Pass Books, Memorandum Books, Scratcli Books, Stmlents Note Books, Rerums, Legal and Medical Indexes, Bill Books, aud uil grades of common Note Books. willis mnm w And Agent for all Newspapers, Magazines and pertodicala. O ad 4 Of ■ litiini M dus:snu, a Undoubtedly the most perfect bicyde now maile is the "Columblii" - Scientific American. ''Go forth upon your wheeled liorse, and list nature's teaehings." THE COLUMBIA BICYCLES. Are made as strond and durable as the best and most skilled workmanship can produce. They are used by Merchants, Clerks, Ministers, Doetors, Lawyer's Collectors, Messeners, and Carpenters. They furnish the cheapest and best mcans of RAPID TRANSIT, give tlie rider the bealtliiest of out-door exercise, and in a word are THE POPULAR STEED OP TO-DAY. "I shall rejoice to see the time come wlien this exercise shall be M popular among girto and women as tennis and tne dance, for the more fully the physicnl lile ai our Ti-t5mntiki.4 i Jorclcliel1 Llle better for man as well as woman." - Dr Rickardson of London on the Tricycle. "Now good digsstion wait 011 appetite, and health on both." THE CÖLÜMBÏA TRICYCLE Is a new machine for general use by both sexes and all ages. By the addition of the Columbia Tricycle, The Pope Mf'cí. Co. eau claim to furnish wheels for THE WHOLE FAMILY. For grandfather, grandmother, f.itlirr, motber, yoonJ man, young lady, and even to little Jonnie and Sissie. Sentl 3c. stamp for 36-page illustrated Catalogue, with price-list and full information. THE POPE BIANUFACTURING CO., 5t)7 Washington St. Boston Mass. Or To Chas. W. Wagner Agent. Ann Arbor Mich., 21 8. Main St. H. UPTTT H. Ei ! _ EOAN'S IMPEKIAL TRUSS. flW Rb Thi oew Tnui h(W i tf-iral ttftny and ORncMV atkd i'KEUt'Itx ; yieldi to every motl reuimriK - the hernia lwv. VlomtUf nd nij! llh com4?T$ t S.nt un TriL. Wimuj. fnr CifiuUr. ITsed ín both Univertity Hoipltali. COAn'S IMPEKIAL TRUSS CO., Box 228S, Ann Arbor, Mich. Office, Hamilton Block, Ann Arbor.


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