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T) EPOUT OF THE COXDITIOX - OF TUK- FARMERS' I MM Ml AT ANN ARP.OR, MICHIGAN, At tlie lose of Business Jan. 7, 1881. Made in accordance with tlie (ieneral Banklug Luw of Michigan. JtKSOURCES. Loans.mul Diseounts i $107,110 f!) Overdrafts 248 ÜX Furniture and Fixtures 3,:!77 00 Expenses _.. 150 00 Cliecks and other Cash Items 1.ÍÍ17 5(i Doe from Banks and Bankers 38,807 16 Leual Tender and Bank Notes 7,9(16 00 üonds, U. 8 3,500 00 Bonds, Local MÍ5 (Ml Premium on '. S. Bonds 530 25 $157,538 64 I.IABII.ITIES. Capital pa id in S 50.000 00 Surplus Fuud 66 39 Proíi t and Loss , ;{K llt Due üepositors 104 424 0t Uivldeuds unpaid 2,500 00 157,588 M I dosolemnly swear that the above state ment is true, to the best of my kuowledge anü belief. Wii.liam A.Toi,f'HAï?D, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this eighth day of January, 188-1. W)i. W. Wiikdox, Notary Public. [uevised] HEAR this, all ye poople, and givo car all ye incalida of tbc worlil, Hop Bitteni wfil make you well and to réjoice. 3. It shall cure UI tlie people nul put sickness and suftering under foot. 3. Be thou nut afraid when your fainily is sick, you have Brlght's dlgeateor Liver Complaint, for Hop Bitters will cure yon. 4. Both low anil high, rk'li and poor know the value of Hop Bitters for bilioui, nervousand Bhêtmtatte oomplaints. 5. Cleanse me with Hop Bitters and I shull have robust aud blooming hcalth. U. Add disease uoon disenso and let the worst come, 1 uin safe f I use IIop Bitters. 7. For all my life have I been plagued vït)i sicciiexx anil o...-. .....i nut u.'.iii .. ago was I eure by Hop Bitters. 8, He that keepeth bis bones from neliingfrwmKheiimatisniand Neuralgia, witli Hop Bitters, doeth wisely. i. Thoiigh thou naat sores, pimples, freckles, salt rheum, erysipclas, bloodpolsOnliig, yet Hop Bitters will remove them al). 10. What woman is there, feeble and dek from femalecomplaints, who desireth nothealth and osetb Hop Bitters and ia made well. 11. Let not neleet to use }Top Bitters Uring on serious Kidney and LivA-'r eomplaints. 12. Keep thy tongue from being furred, thy blood pure, and thy stonmeh from indigestión by using Hop Bitters. 13. All my palm and aches and disease ro like chati' before the wind when 1 use Hop Bitters. 14. Mark the man who toas nearly dead and jriven up by the doctors, after using Hop Bitters and beeoineth well. 15. Cease from worrylng about nervongness, general debility, and urinary trouble, for Hop Bitten will restore you. FOR SALE ! A LITTLE FARM OP 56 ACEES ! Justsouth of the city limita, Hichsoil for ralsiiig garden truck. Goed iioum-, ic.ii ii mui ghedi. Apply to W. W. WIIEDON. Dnughturs, Wivos, and Motliers. vVe emphatically guarantee Dr. Marehisi's Catholicon a Female Hemedy, to cure Fetnale Dieawa,8UCb as Ovarían troubles, Inllannnatiou and ulceration, Falling and DUplacementa or hearing down feeling, Irregularltles, Barrennew, Cbangeof Lite, Leucorihoaa, hesides many weaknesses springing from the above, like Headache, Bloating, Spinal weakness, Sleeplessness, NcrvoiiH debility, Palpitation of the heart, etc. No cure, No Pay. For sale bydni"-gists. Prices $1.00 and 11,50 per Bottle. Send to Dr. .1. B. MarchUi, Utica. N. Y., for pamphlet, f ree. For sale by Eberbaeh & Son, Druggists.


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