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American Newspapers In 1884

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From the edition of Messrs. Geo. P. Rowell & Co's American Newep:iper Dictionary, now in press, it appears that the newspapers and periodicals of all kinds at present issue in the ünlted States and Canada reach u grand total of 13,402. This is a net gain of precisely 1,600 during Uie last twelve months, MÍ BXhIWto m increase of 5,618 over the total numbor published just ten years since. The uerease in 1874 over the total ter 1873 was 493. During the past vear the dallies „ave increased from 1,138 to 1,964; the weeklie from 9,062 to 10,028; and the monthlle trom 1,091 to 1,499. The greatert increase Is in the We.tern btates Illinois, for instance, now shows 1,00 J papers in the place of last yea-'s total of 904 while Missouri issues 604 instead of the'523 reported in 1883. Other leadmg Western States also exhibit a great percentage of increase. The total number of papers in New York State is 1,523, [ against 1,399 in 1883. Canada bas shared In the general increase.


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