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The dgliteentb animal nieellujf t the Ladies' Libr.'iiv Awwlution as lielcl In their rooms on Mondtiy, April 14, at hülf-past two o'clCK'k. Mrs. E. A Kathlione. Mlw KateHnle, and Mr. Tbos. Al. Cooley were eleoted membere of the Board In piara of Mis. J. W. Maynanl, Mrs. Tlus. M. Cooley. and Min. J. B Angelí, w lióse terms of office expire. Airs. M. W. Hurrlngton, Mis Allie Doujflfl and Mrs. W. W, Bi man were re-el ected. Miss Anfll was elected to fill the place of Mrs. Kizzie Thompson, resijrued. Mrs. C. K. Adanis wns re-elected presIdeut; Mih. J. M. Wheeler, viee-president; Mrs. C A. Javoox, tieasuier; Mis. W W. Beman, secretary. The librarían reported 1.758 books and 1,33(5 magazines circulated during the year. From thi it appears that tbere were circulated 168 more books and 86 more magazines tliis year tban last. Since April lat, 1883, 7i new volumes have been added to the library. Of this nuiuber 11 were preseutcd, 17 are bound perij odioals, and the remainder were purj chnsed ny the Association. During the year tvvo valuable prenents have been rei ceived: a book-case from Mis. Dr. Dunstf-r, and a New-Year's gilt ot $25 from Mis. Dr. Pal nier. Niimber of membera reoèived, 35. The Treaurer's report is as follows: RF0EIPT8. Kntertalnments $1(17 00 Aniiaul ïax _ 102 00 Clul) Membershlp 44 in Library Membership S5 00 Finen 21 UU Itonations 27 0 Catalogues 3 ñu Sale of books 1 80 8aleof Spoons 1 85 Total $345 Oti Casuln Treasury April 7,'l... 115 24 DlSBl'RSRMENTS. i;ent from April 17, 18S3, to Julj17, '8ü4 jior, m Librarian'b Salary 82 imi BookK 80 00 MaKii.ines 32 83 Blniling o47s, Pont 17 mi Bills of Room Committee 10 m Insurance, 011e year it 00 Prlntliig o O txpress 8 15 Rent of P. O. box 1 00 'J wo lïouquets 2 00 Postlng Bills 2 flo Postage 4u Two - 7u Total f452 30 Ijalanre In Tn-nsary 8 00 :öo M