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Wonderful Siamese, Sacrod Royul White Elephant! COMINO WITII TUE QBE AT foeepatjg-h: sx3zotxti Eawon lts Twentietti Annnal Tour and wil! Exhibit A.FTER5ÍOON anS EVEN ING at AnnArbor,s31st Positively to bcseon n the Gieat Forepaugh Show, Singular and Sacred, First arn.1 Only "WHITE ELEFHANT! lliat cvcr;ha bsan'teeD in a Chnstian Land, endorsed by tbc higliest ScientifiV anlbority in metlca. 'THE GEM OF THE SKY AND THE GLORY OF THE LAND.' Come and See tM Siivry, Sacred Srmbol of Siani. Bvrywhre au Object of Surpapeing Wonder ml l'nbounded 'J'hoiiHaiide üp n IToueaude art' Jlaily l'lirongiii uur Canvae Uallt to sec this LILLY-LO0K1NG, ARGENT-EYED CREATURE, Tha! in tho country of lts capture ia an ohject of tlie most k iHed reTer ree and WOrshíp, It ia belieud evcrywlicre u Fartht:r ludia taat the Divine BuddU i must (feltght to abide in tbe White t Elephant, ! Thoir Own Incarnaiion I oí i Pirity ! Fiist time ?ecu in the New WorW of a Qennine Dolegation of MOSLEM MAMELUKES AND MOORS! fj f FOLLOWERS OF MOHAMMED. f f I BELIEVERS IN THE KORAN. ( I U U SUN-BURNED SONS of SAHARA. U J Aeeomimnied by a N'ative Bami, al! ippear in lh" Qreat Circus. Qnifler of a 100 ELEPHANTS 100 Or ¦ i: Apts, S zes. Colore and Sex. All Perlbrmin!; ut the S:ime Time. Onty Oreat Tented Fxhibumn Cumirr this Senson. 1.200 Men and Horses ! Three Gieat Kailway Trains ' Acres rf Tents ! Seat for 2U.00U ! 1 (K)0 Rens's. IS'rd-, and Miriue Monsters ! Eirst, Only, Culussal, Imponed, Keal ROMAN HIPPODROME! FUXL HALF-MILE RACE TRACK! Famous At'ant ie 3-Ei. CIrc-u.sI-3 Monster Trained Wild Beast Show ! ! Mammoth Menagerie ! ! ! Absoluteiy and itulisputably tile most Giganlic Consolidation of OW and Vew Worl.l Árenle, Ilippodrome and special features ever exhibtted ander canvas anyVlipre In the woild. Ao tlme-worn acts or acton-Tbfl Oreat Forepaogh Show don't relv on a sínslo -vni mal. largeor sinall-donH depend upon a name- don't lelv opon a olitary f.'ature ' Sf rabuñ support-No-it desires to be Judged and patronlwd solely upon 1U s uperïorlty ove ¦ aMPöther exliibltlons, no matter where they come trom, who-e name thev bear or whal tliev kuf Oniy Trans-At antlc Ilippodrome ! Half-klle KaoingTraoi Only $rouiwstud i ngÜsh RaceHorses! Only Genuine Engllsh Jockey! Only Frencli Race Ki,lers ' Ra.-lni KU. phanU ! Clown EfephanUl Steeplo and Huidlo Haces! Newmarket and Derbt Horse; AK,abi,an,Clrcus,! Kacesby Kromedaries! EU-plmnts ürlvlng and KUIing ear "i otíe?' I wh' able Mule and Donkey Races! Exoltlng Roman Chariut Kaees ! Evcrv Hw Hi Si Tweuty-two Trained stallions! 8 Rlngsl 8 UircOMBl vel ace a Real One! More Performers than any Circus n the Universo ! ürent Frenen Circus! Wonderful Silbón Troupe I Performing Piot Elephant Clowns ' Hindoo serpent Charmer! " Lltüe Allright !' Champion Riders! Klepliunt Baíd' FreVirh' Peínale Charlotee ! One Butiro Engliab (ircus Company I One KrS ,d l,a i ni ïüdlr Aku!? ?a" anm Cl)ln"aIlv! A" '" T' Separate Rings! SIÍ'k'ÜSSiÍcsÍ The Only Million Dollar.Show Corning Here ! Independen i,.,,.. „,,(1 I'ifo Corps! Great Herd 0?SbtooSdO?uSf fflBffle ÏÏSföVs1-' FIVE MUSICAL ORC ANIZATIONS IN PARADE. BAIUtfc AlUrnoon „,„. xí,,,,. Bame Performano, Aterioon as Evonlng. Pwr GORGBOUS FREE STUEET PARADE ¦venlnK at usual liours. Árenlo Chalis. Ií ,",, ui0 OmiVr L ," " "IIO'''UH'n 'W1(l tee the Wiiito Elephaní the (."ut l'oívpa,1(íh Ahów n'lllIUIl(lt' ¦"! Ubn of Travel, u ADAM 1OIIIIMK.U. Kole !, „„, 0lOr. ,


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