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DIPHTHERIA! rpHE PKOSTKATlOJf which follows _L Diphtheria, and the persistency with which it clings to the patiënt, aro well kuown to all who have had any expericnce nïth this terrible disease. The following letter shows how the restoring and invigoratlng proporties of U J' overeóme it, and tlOOU S how bv vitaIiz... ing and enricheradicates the poisoned matter Irom it, bringing to the convalescent the color, lifa and vigor of rouust health. LoWELL, Mass. Messrs. C. I. Hoon & Co.: . Gentlemen- My little girl had the diphtheria last April. The disease left her very weak, blood poor, with no appetite, and she could not seem to rally iroin ks elïects. Hood's SarsatarilLAwas recommended by a neighbor. Alter she had been taking it a few days we noticed a chance for the better- she beean to eat with a relish. It seemed to take out the poison the disease had left in her blood, the change belng very noticeable in her face. She ïook it two montlis and f ully regained her health, much to our dellght. We now recommend IIood's Sarsaparilla with a great deal of pleasure. Very truly yours, J. It. SMI1H, 19 Butterfleld Street. "That Extreme Tired Feeling." "The firstbottle has done my daughtera jn-eat dealofgood; her food does not disfress her now, nor does she sufler from that extreme HndêeUng whlch she did before taking Hood's Saesai'AIíilla." Sold by all dniggists. Trice SI a bottle or six bottles for $5. Prepared by C. I. IIOOD & CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Hass. HoocTs ToothrPowdcr, Ordy 25 Cents. ¦¦¦. licger.eration for ¦ 1 giiiBBMit p ite usual concomí' jt tantp, dypp'"pyiaftnd Bfc i,. dom derivable from VÍE?SkwÁÍi y the uie ol a nouriehí2íLSr i" 'lt' posfleetioD t i tothi-i cmnd rt'quire B . STOMACHfn.ii which makeo P ¦¦-_ .Cifc iloftetter'e stomach Lj3 ITP L lüitirs eo effecilve 1 1 1 fcw w an invit'orant. For sa'o tiy 11 Drugglst nnd D -aleré gonerally.


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