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Samuel J. Tilden, the sage of Gramercy l...

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Samuel J. Tilden, the sage of Gramercy l'ark and one of the most astute of Democratie politicians, sees the " handwriting on the wall " and sends in his letter of declUiation. He knew he could not defeat l.laine, and thus confesses it. The great questlon with tlie Democracy now is : If Tilden can't beat Blaine, who can? According to statistics obtained by the Seeretary of State iu regard to wages paid to farm hands t is noted how well ald tliey are in Wash'enaw. The regui:ir price paid per month with board in this county is $19.29; without board, $27.10. The average for the southern i'our tiers of counties is $1S.24 and $2".8S while that of the entire state is $1S.35 and $20.78. ├╝nly two counties pay inore i. e. Calhoun and Jackson. In the former they get $29.72 and $27.70, while In Jackson there is paid $19.96 and $28.10. Now is the time to subscribe for a live Hepublican newspaper for the campaign. The next year will witness one of the great struggles of our history, and as evcry one to have his influence couut most be either a Kepublican or a Deraocrat, he does not want to fooi away his (me and money on so-called independent journals which blow hot one day and cold the next - papers which have no politics and oftentimes no principies, the editors of which allow their petty likes and dislikcs to sccm greater to them tlian the good of their party or even their country. Out upon such nonsense. The party is greater tlian its candidates, and the party platform is greater tlian the party leaders, for the sentiment of an intelligent people works out the platform, and that same sentiment will see to it that it is respected and followed. The journalist who does not compreheiul'this will meet hisreward in the neglect of the jieople, and the paper which stands ever by its flag will triumph. The latter is the paper yon can rely upon and therefore the one j-ou want.


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