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Class Of '84, A. A. H. S.

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Tlic clou of '84. Ann A rbor high school are holding tlieir clussday exercises at WliHinore Lake to-duy. The exercises at .!::]0 p. in., are as followa : Oration, " Perseverance," Elmer E. Clark ; poem, " The Tlnee Songs," Elsie Jones ; class history, Henry H. Cushing; essay, " Wliat though the Field be Lost," II. Gertrude Warren ; class prophecy, M. Louise Taylor; president's address, Louis K. Coinstock. Music is interspersed throughout; the class song by Louise Melndermann, lasung to the air of Auld Lang Syne. The supper is down for 8:30 this evening, and witli Paul V. Perry as toastniaster, the followlug toasts will be pro]osed: '"84- -AReliospeet,"L. K.Com. stock; " Vicissitudes of a Journalist, in behalfof ' Omega' Board," P. E. Whitman ; "Genius and Geniuses Of '84," GraceCampbel!; " United we have stood. 8hall we divided fall?" H. E. Morse; '"85 A Dim Spec(t)," John Nichols; "Our Joys and Our Woes," Lena V. Clappison; '"84asa Fashion Plate," R. G. Cole; " Our Musical Career,'' Mary E. Ashley. Twentj'-live couples are in attendance besides a number of' ladies who are chaperoning. To-morrow from this oilice, will be issued the " Omega " published by the following editors from the senior class: Henry 11. Cushing, II. Gertrude Warren, S. Eisenstaedt, Grace B. Campbell, P. R. Whitman, Mary E. Ashley, Elmer E. Claik and Elsie Jones. The publication, an entirely new departure for the high school, will consist of fifty-eight pages of reading matter, giving the class-day exercises complete. Tlie " Omega's '' size is about that of the University " Oracle," and ill bo sold for twen tv cents. Look out for the " Omega," then, on sale to-morrow. The commencement exercises will be held at the Methodist Cliuich next Friday morning at 10 o'clock, and will be public, as usual. Those who furnish the program of orations, ess-iys, etc, are as follows: Francia M. Sessious, Philip K. Whitman, Paul V. Perry, Henry H. Cushing, Irviug G. McColl, Mary E. Ashley, Grace R. Campbell, II. Gertrude Warren, Elsie Jones, Lizzie E. Wagner, Caroline L. Gelston, M. Louise Taylor, Louise M. Meindennann, Clara L. Mack. The list lierewith p reeen ts tlie class rnembership and the conrees of work of each ; Classical course - Fred. 0. Clark, Re wen a I. Fenton, William II. Turner, Paul V. Perry, Clement R. Stickney, Moritz Levi. Latin - Edward Vr. Bowen, Carrie E. Britten, A. Braden Clark, Rossetter G. Cole, Louis K. Comstock, Clara L. Mack, Louise Meliidcniiann, Francis M. Sessions, Eilwin E. Washburn, Zada J. Wilson. Classical and Latin - Mary E. Ashley, Caroline L. Gelston, Elsie Jones, Lizzie R. Wagner. Scientilïc - Gordon A. Bowdish, üeo. A. Brown, Allison A. Clokey, Mary E. Dowdigan, William W. Eagau, Solomon Eiscnstadt, Oliver G. Fredeiick, Arthur E. Mummery, Augusta M. Payne, Wa Talcott, M. Louise Taylor, Philip RWhitman. Enjílish- Grace R. Campbell, Helena X. Clappison, Elmer E. Clark, Xettie 1). Latson, Irving G. McColl, Mattie E. McColl, Jennie M. Polhemus, Harry A. Price, Ella M. Richmond, William E. Wood. Scientific and Engüsh- II. Gertrude Warren. Enftineering- Henry H. Cushing, Harry R. Morfe. Commercial- Arthur M. Ármence J. Kinna, Joshua B. Larawav, Loena G. Markham, Daniel T. O'Keefe, Gustave Adolph Reule, Samuel A. Wilson


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