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BALI'S mm. CORSETS The OHLT COR8ET made that CRn be returned by its iJurcliHser after tliree wefka wear. if not found PERFECTLY SATISFACTORY M . In every respMt, and its pnce reíundeu by Beller. Made in a variety of stylea and prices. Sold by tlrst-elass dealers everywheie. lie ware of worthless imitations KOne eenuirie unK'ss it has Ball's name vn the box. CHICAGO CORSET CO., Chicago, III. ForSaleonly by WINES& WORDEN ZPS-A_TI.:m:S. [revised] HEAK thll, all ye people, and give car all ye invalids of the world, Hop Bitters wi'll make you well and to ïejoice. 3. It sliall cure all the people and put sickness and suffering vndcr foot. 3. Bc thou not afraid when your fainly is siek, or you have Bright's disease or Livei Complaint, for Hop Bitters will cure you. 4. Both low and high, ricli and poor know the yalue of Hop Bitters for bilious, aervoueand Êheumatto complaints. 5. Oleivnec me witli Hop Bitters and I shall have robust and blooming licalth. 0. Add disfase upon disease and let tlic worst come, i ain safe if I use Hop Bitters. 7. For all my life have I been plagued with sickness and sores, and not until a year ago was I cure by Hop Bitters. 8. He that keepetli his bones from achingfrom Rhemnatii-m and Neuralgia, with Hop Bitters, doeth wisely. ii. Tliough thou hast sores, pimples, frecklos, salt rhemn, erydpelas, bloodpoisonlng, yet Hop Bitters will remove tliem al). 10. What woman is there, feoble mil siok from femalecoinplaints, who deeireth not healtli and usetli Hop Bitters and is made well. 11. Let not neglect to uso Hop Bitters bring on serious Kiducy and lAvkr complaint. 12. Keep thy tongue from bfetng fuTred, thy blood pure, and thy stoniach from indigestión by usinr Hop Bitters. ". All my palna and aches and dUease t;o llke chall' before the wind when I use Hop Bitters. 14. Mark the man who wal nearly dead and given up by the doctors, after using Hop Bitters and beoometb well. . Ceaae from worrying about neryoniness, jeneral debility, and urinary trouble, for Hop Bitters will restore you. CET THE BEST FIRE INSURANCE! $29,000,000. Socurity held for tke protection of the polloy liüMerö. CHRISTIAN MACK BeprescntB the followtnK flrst-clafs comnnnics, of wliicli one, tbe Aitn, Iihs aloue paid í5i;,0UÜ,t)0U Ure loBuö in í-ixty-five ycHi'e: Etna, of Hartford $ 9,192,644 Franklin of Philadelphia 3,118,713 Germania, N. Y 2,700,729 Germán American, N. Y 4,0(i5,9(8 London Assurance, London... 1,410,788 Mlchlfran V. & M., Detroit. . . 987,608 N. Y. Underwriters, N. Y 2,596.679 National, Hartford 1,774,505 PhOBDlx, Brooklyn 3,759,036 I.usscs liberallv adjustoil and proniptly );iid. Polleiei issued at the Imvtji ratel 1 prenilum. lWltf Annnr Mwlrii oenti portags, nd nU LJ ƒ L oelvetree,ootlyboïofgoodBwlilch I 11 li win licip uil. f eltber w.. i more I IIILkl munry rlKlitaway Hihh unytliiiiK i'Ihi: In tilt worlil. Fdi-tiim-H iiwhIi 11: workers abiolutely lure. At once nddreH TBVSos en., AugülMi MÖI


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