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"a Little Nonsense."

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- A burglar alarm clock went off the other night without arousing the faniil y. It went off with the burglar. - It is the custom among the French to kiss the foreheacl and not the lips. When the American girls began to wear bangs they knew what they were about - N. Y. Qraphic. - The dog is not so miieh below mankind, and is certainly to be congratulated rather than commiserated on on thing-he doesn't have tosend hiscollai to a laundry every week.- Lowell Citizen. - Silver dimes oí 1807 are wortb thirty cents each. Ah, dear, it seems to us the last dime we had must have been somewhere along in that year. But it was only worth ten cents thcn. Just our luck. - Burlington Ilawkeye. - A coloree! man carne into a Galveston newspápcr oflico and wanted to subscribe to the paper. "How do yon wánt it?" asked the clerk. 'Jess as long as it is, boss; if t don't fit the shelves I kin t'ar a piece off myself.- Texas Siftings. -"Boy!" he called as ho snapped his lingers at a post-office boot-blaek, "are you tho lad I handed a dollar bilí to yesterday to get changed, and you beat me out of thirteen cents?" 'Ño, sir." "Look out! "How do you know you pin't?" "Cause; do 1 look liko a boy who'd beat you out of & shilling when i could walk off with the dollar? iátrang¦er, you must have got liold of some oor leetle kid who's just begun bizness!" Detroit Free Press. - A well known oil producer told us yesterday of a rather good thing which oceurred when he was a boy. He and several other chaps heard a poor woman in a miserablo shanty praying for bread, and it was suggested that they procure a dozen loaves and throw theni down the chimney. This was done, and after awhile the boys knocked at the door and asked: "Well, auntie, did the Lordsend you any bread?" "Yes, indeed." was the reply, "and he made the devil's


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