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BACH & ABEL'S COLUMN. Advertisements only eat up money if they don't ring true. The beat-everybody-else-advertisement is always and justly a proper cause for suspicion. How many things stated In an advertisement explode the moment the light of an honest eye is turned on them. No store can stand the cutting of piïces on the stock generally to make Haring advertisements and to attract customers and to get people to buy other goods at full prices, hut there is such a thing as gathering a trade to make outlets for large quantities and that is what settles concessions in prices. Thü is one great and ever inereating advantage. Is it worth your while to see what we mean? If so, then look in the linen department at our large damask towels at 25c. Look at the fine table linen GO inches wide, at 75c. per yard. Look in the hosiery departuicnt at our largo stock of fuli regular made hosc in all colois at 25c. Look in our notion department and examine the daintiest faus the daintiest of French fingers can put together or their busy skill devise. Pretty enongh and coquettish enough.if one is naughtily disposed to use it for other than fanning I-IUI pust'. Look at our parasols, the priees we are making on them, we think worth the telling, seeing, and by your leave, the buying. Look in our dress goods department. We have reduced the prices on all of our novelties In dress goods about one-quarter. Our $1.75cotnbination suitings reduced tn $1.45. Our tricots in all oolois reduced to $1.25, former piice $1.50, width 34 inches. These goods are very cheap. Look at our linen lawns. A coolness comes at the sight of linen lawns. A lady uiay be up to a summer heat, but she never shows it f robed in the ilowers and sprays and vincs of all linen lawns. Prices reduced to 20c, 25c, 30c, and 35c. )er yard. Look in our cloak department, we will close the entire lot at cost. $10.00 wraps for $8.00, $12.00 wraps for $9.00, $16.00 wiaps for $13.00, etc. Look at our Jerseys. Our trade on them goods is immense. Look at $5.00 Jersey, now $3.00. Look at our $3.50 Jersey, now $2.25, braided. Look at our $2.00 Jersey, now $1.60. And besides these, you will in every department of the store euough to convince you that a fine admlnistration Is ïere, at your service, providing the safest rading Aun Arbor has had for many a day. DIPHTHERIA! THE PROSTBATION whlch follows Diphtheria, and the persistency with which It clings to the patiënt, are wcll known to all who have had any experienca with this terrible disease. The following letter shows how the restoring and invlgorating properties ot f it overeóme It, and tlOOCf S - how by vitaliz_ i"g and enrichSfirsaparaias the blood " eradicates the poisoned matter Irom it, bringing to the convalescent the color, life and vigor of robust health. Lowell, Mass. Messrs. C. T. Hood Si Co. : Uentlemen- My little girl had the diphtheria last April. The disease left her very weak, blood poor, with no appetite, and slie could not seem to rally Irom lts eBects. Hood's SarsaparilIiA was recommended by a neighbor. After she had been taking it a few days we noticed achangefor the better- she began to eat witn a relish. It seemed to take out the poison the disease had left in her blood, the chance being very noticeable in her face. Wie t ook it two months and f ully regained her health, much to our dellght. We now recommend Hood's Sarsaparilla with a great deal of pleasure. Very truly yours, 19 Buttèrfield Street. "That Extreme Tired Feeling." " The flrstbottle has done my daughtera great deal of good; her food does not distress her now, nor does she suffer irom that extreme tired feeltnj which she did befora taking Hood's Saiisapakilla." Bold by all druggists. Pricc $1 a bottle or Btx bottles for $5. Prcpared by C. I. HOOD & CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Mass. Hooffs Tooïh-Powder, Only 23 Cents.


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