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The Art Of Early Rising

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The proper time to rise, says tlie "Lancet," is wheu fleep ends. Dozing sliould not be allowed. True sleep is tlie agfregate of sleeps, or is a state consisting in the sleeping or rest of all tlie several parts of the organisin. Sometiines oue and at other times anotlicr part of the body, as ¦ wholc, raay be the U-ast fatigued, and so the first io awake, or the most exliiiusted, and therefore the most difficult to aroiise. The secret of good sleep is, the physiologieal condition of rest being established, so to work and weary tlie several part of the orjranism as ,to givi; them a proportionately equal neeil of rest at the same muineiit ; and, to wake eaiiy and feel ready to risi'.! a fair and equal start of the sleepers should be secuied ; and the wisu self-maiiager sliould not allow ti drowsy feeling of the consciousness or weary scnses, or an exhausted muscular beuüe him iuto the folly of goinj; to sleep again wlien once he has been aroused. After a few days of eelf-dUcipline, the man who resolves not to doze, that Is, not to allow some sleepy puit of his body to keep him in bed after bis bruin has once awikened, will find himself, without knowing wby,


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