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Whitmore Lake Jottings

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The hotel is crowded with Ann Arbor and Juckson people. A little steamer flies busiïy all around the lake at the command ( f pleasure parties. City people niourn that AVhitmore is not withln three or four miles. The it coukl be a fine resort. Girls are plenty tlicre and boys are Karce, vet one of the lattcr got badly " left" on i boat rille the other day. 'For goodness' sake don't say we told you!1' When a gay and festive Ann Arbor bachelor went to the hotel last week the landloril soou " sized liiin up " and building hitn the door key, he said: ''Here. young man, yon will piobably be the last one in nights and yon can lock np." Verily, he was not badly mistaken, hut the #. a. f', y. may be mis (s)taken. Over the atore next tho hotel lifteen girls have their lodglnga and when they came out the otlier momlng their gaza Strock a sign whicll had been put up in the niglit which read " Bee Hive. We are (úeen Bees" Immeiliately they Wrarfned around one of the young gentleman wlio is sometliing of a practical joker and went for hiin so lively that he !'ow luis the sobriquet of " Honey." The same i.s quite appropriate beoause he likes s(c)ells o welï. Jaj', the gentleman wbo used to own the most of the land about Whitmore Lake is spending a few days there with his faniily. IIÍ3 home is in Emporia, Kansas, where he is largely engaged in business. Iike all true Republieans he is red hot for Blaine and Logan and he is so contidt'nt of victory that he offers to buy Mr. Smlth'a hotel and give twice what is asked for t, the money to be paid when Cleveland is elected. Now Mr. Sniith is a Democrat hut he is not sure enough of an electiou of Cleveland to take up the propos-ition. He shows good jüdgment.


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