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Beckleton's Bees

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Mr. Beckleton's bees swarmed the, Uier day, ainl the new generation, learng tlie nive, went over to an adfoining1 block, and settled in cone-shape on a peach tree. Hiring bees, when not' managed ikillfnlly, is a painfnl performance. The bee does not kuow that the huniaa family admires his proverbial industry, and aften stiogs the man who seeks to establií-h a lmme for the bilí collector of sweets. The cutiré ueighborhood was aroused when Mr. Beekleton's bees swarmed, and children, buth white and black, assem bied to see the fun. Mr. Beekleton was not at home when the insect muster occurred, and the management of the affair w:ts taken in hand by the hired gentleman. Á. spring wagon with an impromptu hivo wa brought around. The unsuspeoting horse, lashing the flie.s with his tail. soon attraeted a scouting party of bees. The poor animal, stung to desperation, kieked and snorted, and breaking froni kis (astaaingg, ran out into the streetl and pawed the ground. A meiuber of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animáis, carne along, and seeing the horse tangled in his harness, hut not' observing the bees, approachod with kind solicitud?. "It's ashame," said he to the lrired gentleman aud other persons who stood near, "that yon allow tlii.s horse to tanglc himsèlf in his gear. Whoa! Good Lord!" and vvaving his hands ia tho air he struck a trot, while a swarm of bees hovered around his devoted evanium. He iran to the Street orossing. thrashing himself with his hat, reaehing there just as a car carne alón-. Som if the bees "zipped" the mnle, and with a luuge the animal jerked tho car from the track and ran agaiust a fence. The onlj' passengers wcre a fat man who sat reading a pamphlet on the Banting System, and, an old maid who carried a little porte-mounaie sachel. A prominent bee went into the car and drilled a cavity into the fat man's jowl, and a companion bnzzod in and saluted the maiden lady on the ueck. Banting's book tlew out of the window and the beads on the portemonnaie receptacle rattled as the old maid lifted her skirts aud rushed from the car. The pain that a lean man can endure without striking dciuonstratiou will bring intensiiied tits to a fat man, and on this occasion Mr. Bantiug waddled from the car and feil over a treo box blown down by a recent Btorm. Ko sooner had he left the car than a dozen bees followed him. They crawled ftïonad his collar, leavinof tracks of tire, broke down a garden fence, and wnrn tastteen, he was traveling towarda the equator. The old maid had considerable trouble with her skirts, and her high-keyed slivicks must have rent the neighborhood like the wailings of tiie equinoctial wind. When Mr. Beekleton renehed home and learned that his bees bad swarmed, he went over to a.s.sist khe hired gentleman. "Hold on there," he cried. "Don't tight 'em. Let 'em buzzaround. The; won't hurt you. See?" as the beest began to buzz'around his eau. "Walt a few moments and they'U be quiet." A bee lit on his moustache. "All you've got to do is - iee whiz! whoop! 11' ran against the fenee and knocked oiï his j)lug hat, and in tryinjr to liglit ofl' a bee that showed a dlsposltlon to scttle on his eye, he trod npon the hat and mashedits crown through the brim into tbe ground. Every body ran away and left him and, as he wandcred aiound. he struck the peach tree and jari'ed the buzzing cone to the ground. Then bc knew that man was made tomoan: that life is full of Rlldden pain and cries. Thai bravery which would prompt man to rush forward and reecue a fellow-mortal from a swarm of angry beea has not yet been diseovcred. Man h:i many vi'rtues but thii gelf-eacrlÜce is not one of them. When Mr. Beekleton reaohed licime, after the bees grew wcarv of his society, he looked like a bloated bondholder, and that evening, as lie lav on the Boot of his front gallefy, a man who saw him said: "Blamed if l don't believe ol i Thingembobem will swell upand bost." Oh, no: bees will not stinsr vou unless


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