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Capt. Allen's Chances

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Up to the time of going to press (Wednesday noon,) nothing deflolte is predicted respecting tlie outcome of the congressional convenlion of this the 2d district, which tueets in Adrián to-ruorrow, but the prospect for the noinination of Capt. Allen of Vpsilanti, is considered very bright, indeed. We sincerely liope tliat such may be the case. It has been many years since Washtenaw county has been recognized in n congressional way by the republican party, and lier claim is a just one. Mr. Allen is very popular, which taken together with his acknowlcdged ability and fitness for the position, makeshim a candidate whose election would be assured from the outset. The prompt and manly maiinei in whicb Mr. Blainemeetsthe foul and filthy scandal griven to the public by the demociatic Iiulianapolis Sentinel. is in sbarp contrast withtüe evasive and vaseilating mamier In whicli Mr. Cleveland trcated tlie Buffalo Telegraph's article, (anotiier democratie paper.) Mr. Blatue strikes back as quick as llghtning and diiects a soit to be bronght at once. And lt is to be hoped that there raay be no petty technicalities interposed by Mr. Blalne'a malignéis to put off tlie trial in the case. Of course it will be their policy to delay as mnch as possible, and carry the idea that the prosecution daré not come to trial. But snch dodges will pot woik. The long longed tor, the patiently waited tor letter of Gov. Cleveland, accepting the nomination at the hands of the democratie party has at last been shied into the politica! arena. He accepts. He don't like the republican party. He avoids the tarlff. He also avoida the record of tlie democratie party, whose candidato be is. That's bout all tbere is of it. Says the Mt. Clemens Monitor : " Cyrus G. Luce will yet be governor of Michigan."


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