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Blaise And St. John

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One of the proliibition electois, A. C. Morehouse, of New York City, in withdrawing his name, shows a well balanceó and sensible mind in the following letter whicli eontains truths good for piohibitionists to consider : I am notifled by tlie chairman of the Executive Committee of this State that I am cho'tu u- ue recent Prohlbltion Conveution held at Albany, July 8, as one of tie Pretidential electorg and though I am a strong whatsomewouldcall a radical prohlbltionlst, I d. not think it wise to undertake to elect a President now. I never dare expend my effoits to acoomplisb wliat is an ïmpossi" billby, and between the two men who are to bechosen I consider Mr.Blaine and his views upon the national queitions very far superior to Mr. Cleveland', and the great Repuhlloa party In its past record as far more conducive to the development of the industry and welfare of this Nation tlian the Democratie party. We as temperance men have nothing to hope from the sucoess of the Democrats, and if as temperunce men we within thé Unes of the Kepublicuu party and the few temperance Democrats all uulte and concéntrate our energies in purifylng the partles and also unile as a balance of power to cast our votes for the man of either party who is nearest we believe, we shall much more speedily aecomplish our great object than by supportlngthe nomlnee of thethlrd party, i therefore will be compelled to decline the honor, as it wonld not be consistent for me to accept unless I fully accorded with thelr course of actlon. Our colored readers wlio are ilways Interested in hearing what their great leader, Frederick Douglass says, will fiud solid sensible thouglit in his advice to them on Emanciparon day wlien he spoke as follows : I imagine I hear sorae of my brethren asking me what course to purgue In this cam. paign. I say to every colored man the republican party is the deck on which you should stand. All roads that lead froin the republican party lead back to the democratie party. A vote given to tho prohibition party is half a vote giveu to the democratie party. And the prohibition party will taketen votes from the repubjlcan party where it takes oue from the democratie, lama prohibitionist myself. But I am for doiug oue thing at a time, and until the colored race have jtistlce I have no other mlssion. Now, my frlends I ask you to remember n. My abolltion' not lay down your armor untll you have secured for us all the rlghts that belong to us as American citizens. Do not go off on any side issues. We have watered your soll with our tears, tllled it with our hands, aud enrichud it with our blood Wo onlyask to be treated as well as those who fouKht aaalost you. Wc love this coujitry and we omy ask to be usud as kindly as Ihow who once haled it. At the State convention last weck one of the best speeches made was that of John K. Boiesof nominating Kr. Luce. Hc shovved eloqnence and oratory such, that had lie taken the Itump in this district two yeare ajro, when he ra forCongress, we believe tlie result would have been different. The people after hearing hlm would liave been satissfledof hia ability and fitness for the office and elected hlm. Tlie Detroit Puit under ití now management is showing a decided improvement and adoptinga style of journalism. Its artie.les are n a good honest tono, and on interesting subjects. Last week its report of tlic State conventioii was cspeelallygood, onc of its most interesting points being a capital series of pen sketches of the prominent men Hiere assetnbled. Tlieone on Captain Allen is so tiue, so correct and good, that we reproduce it : THE MAN WITH THE FOG HOKN. 'Capt. E. P. Allen, 'the noblest Roman of them all,' is generally nientioiied in connc'Ction with that enphonious (íreek name, Vpsilanti, though he belongstothe whole eount3' of Waslitenaw. He is built on a large scale all over. He is tall; there is a good big distance between liis shoulders ; his head is lurge and so are his brains and tus ideas. He s now 45 yesrs old. He looks younger. His hair is liglit brown and his moustache of the same color, while the rest of his face is always smoothly shaven. His countenance at lirst appears severe, but any Irapression of this sort vanishes as soon as acquaintance discloses the open-hearted and sincere nature of the man. Mr. Allen enlisted in twenty-nintli Michigan nfantry and was commissioned flrstlieute::ant, subsequently made adjutant, and finally promoted captain of Co. II. He was mustered out of the service In September, 1SG5. He waselected to the house of representatives in 1876 and again In 1878. fie did duty on important committees both sessions and at the latter one was speaker pro tem. Capt. Allen is a stalwart republican and a Strong speaker. He frequently talk? during campaigns and seldom escapes a cali for a speech at local republican galherings. Capt. Allen is at present inter ested in a meeting to be held at Adrián, August 21. At that time the republicana will name the next congressman from the second district, and the captain hopes to be the man. Every republicau in Washteuaw and many in BUIladale and Lenuwee also share in this hoiie and will be inimensely gratified to see it realized.


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