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FAC-SIMÍLES OF U. S. TREASURY AND NATIONAL BANK BILLS, Conslsting ofuine exact imitations of United States Treaaary Notes, and nineof National Bank Bills, elgiiteen in all.of various denomiuations. As a rare means of I lng counterfei-. money they are invaluable ' Postal cards not answered. A, LANSING, 381 Bowery, York City . 13J7-1!) J } ' UPTTJRB' SSïïg iTtD i'Ressube ; yielils to every moíion, rtUiinliiij g the hernia alwavs. Worn dav áiul ,i,.l wttkoon4H SentonTrlal. EncloLstUll'.furUrculw l:-ed in both Univwsity Hospital. EGAN'S IMPERIAL TRUSS C0„ Box 9Ï88. Ann Arbor, Mfch. Office, Hamilton Block. Ann Arbor. A FINE SUITE ÜF Rooms fop Offices OVER THE NEW POST-OFFICE. SUPPLIED WITIÍ WATER AND STE M. Tliose recenlly occupied by Tía.. Wit.son can now be rented by lnqnlrlng at the COUR IER OPFK'E. ; LUMBERI ; LUMBER! LÏÏMBER! If yon contémplate building, oill at FERDON JJÜIEI flll! Comer Fourth and Depot Sts.. and ge 1 our iigures for all kinds of LUMBER! Wc manufacture our own Lúniber and guarantee VERY LOW PRICES 4QGive us a cali and we will make it to your interest, as our lare and well graded stock íully sustains our assertion. Tcleplione Conneetions with Office. T. J. KEECH Snpt. JAMES TOLBERT, Prop' "DEPORT OF THE CONDITION -OF THE- Füftiw i mam mi AT ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, On Miimhij July. 7, 1884. Made in acoordance wlth the General Banking Law of Michigan. RESOURCES. I.oansand DIscounts $133,243 73 Overdrafts 8 5 Kutniture and Fixtures 3,497 00 G'hecks and other Cash Items 1,172 07 Dae from Banks and Baükers 15,960 (Si Legal Tender and Bank Xotes 9.6WÏ IX) Gold _ 8,44 80 Silver, Nickels, etc 1,421 09 Bonds, U. S 3,800 00 School Donds 997 31 Premium on U. ö. Bonds 592 25 il78,0ö8 57 LIABII.ITIK.S, Capital paid in $ 50.000 00 Surplus Fund 1,303 77 Profltand Loss 43 05 Bue Depositors 125.r.(ii 75 Divideuds unpaid 1,700 (10 tl74,G8 57 I do solemnly swear that the above statement is true, to the best of my knowledge and belief. WlIMAM A. Tolcharb, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this seventh day of July, 1884. Wa. W. Whedos, Notary Public.


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