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THAT DONT LIE! The Royal Baking Powder Co. try to give the inference tliat tlieir powder contalns more Crcaiii Tartar and tfirtt ha Lcavciiing Power is re' ter than any oihermade. S stated n thelr advertisement on the ComparaÖTe Worth of Bakinj; Powdew," extalbited by black linea. Onr name was mentloned i.i con iec tion wlth one of our cheaper brandt, made of dinerent materlals as the trede mi-ht demnnd. Our Crcam Tunar brand of Andrcu ' Pcarl was omltted e v ' dently fora verygood rauoo, jiidging from the rclativc meriisof Ahdbbw' PeaKL and the Koyal. as clearly demonstrated by the Government Chemist Dr Peter Coij.ier of the Department of Agriculuire, at Washington, from aam Dies neeived by hun trom dealers who fnrnUhed the samples from their stocks on Land in open market. u 8 howInK excess of Croam Tartar In Andrews' "ÏD Ofll I I C D O ' A II A I 1 r t r Pcnrl over Koyal, aswrtalncd by Uil Illl ItKS AlïMl Y!v crament ClioinUt Collier. Wlli UUULILIIVJ rJiïrtL IOIO f C -N. U. S. Dept. of Aobioulture ) ' Washington D. C, March 1, 1833. f _j C. E. Andhews & Co.- Gentlemen : I received by fromThos. Lydon and J. P. Harkins&Co Z?Z= Grand Ave., Milwaiikee, and HarperBios., OhicaLJ jfeaiiYpgiB] -" '" .samples of Andrews' Pearl and Royal HakT" I H infr Powders. The cans were in good condition ¦ I wlien received and (heseals unbroken. I lind upon ,. i CO I I analysis tliat Andrews' Pearl Baking Powder con5T B i i I ¦ tains about four llucl a tlal! Wú) Per cent, inore O I I S m cream larlar than the Koyal Baking Powder, Kl . i UG ¦ and i larer percentage I CC E I of ' "".' iMUli' acid yas, and I lind it to Itc I Q ¦ free from aluin, and any injurioiis sHbI 2 I B stances. 1 1 9 I H Sinceroly yours, l I PETER COLLIER, II Bi i"lSÈr S. Cliemist, Dept. of Agriculture. ¦ SffFunififlt Chemist Collier's Analysis as to the Leavenini Qnalities. ANDREW2' PEA.RLWÊMBSBn9BBËSKÊBËBMÊÊMB3B ROYAL WÊÊÊÊÊÊÊBÊÊËÊBSi No wonder the Koyal Co. omitted Andrews' Pearl from their " Compamtive List," as Government Chemist Collier's analysis shows conclusively two things: lst, Tliat Andrews' Pearl contains more Cream Tartar than the Koyal, as sliown by the cuts above; 2d, Tliat the Leavening Power of Andrews' Pearl s greater than the Koyal, as shown by the two black Unes above. ' ¦ rTT ATT TPlrr!'1 W í AÍdlíJid JN Jt 41. We will jrsve the Royal Co. or any one else SI. 000 or $5,000 if they can prove by my fair mutual test tliat Andrews' Pearl Baking Powder does, or ever did, contain üum or any injurious substances, and this challenge is open forever. Andrews' Pearl Baking Powder 3 sustained by a testimonial as to ts piirily and trcnglh ty the only genuine commissioned Governaient chemist, such as the Royal Co. liever have published. Try It. C. E. ANDREWS & CO., 287, 289 & 291 E. Water St, Milwaiikee. 45 Michigan Ave., Chicago.


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