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Eloquent Words From Our Eloquent Leader

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The following is the speech of Jamea O. Blaine, at Massilon, Ohio. It Is wcll worth preserving: Men of Onio : In the procession of ou r political opponents at Youngstown, ra-ently, there appeared a man and voman in rafs and apparently wretchedness Bearing the Inscrlpilon : "Thisls wlat piotectiou has done ibr us." This was intended to typify and demmnce the results of protecUon In Oliio. I want to present the otlier sWe of the picture In Ohio, to-day, there are 21,000 uianufactiirnnR eit;'bllsl""ts. They cost $200,000, 000, and tliey turn out annuiilly a product wurth $350,000,000 out of the results of that mvestinont; and I daré observe a great many people in Ohio who are not in ragsaud notin wretehedness. [Cheers.l l'orty yeais ago the untire western eountiy was called upou as an agrlcuttural coniuiunity to oppose a protective tarifl' because it uiijustly favored the manufacturar of the east. Kince then the nianutactiiring industries liave travelled westwara uiilil ünio has bccome one of the largost manufacturing states in the Union [Cheers.] And combining witli herself a great agricultural interest and a great manufacturing Interest abe presenta all the elements of comfort and material progress. Steadily as the agricultural states becomc settled manufactures follow. Indiana and Illinois and Michigan are coming on rapldJy after ühio. Iowa. Kansas and Minnesota will come in in (iue time, the result being that the protective policy now upheld by the republican party operates so as to earry manufacturera into cyery couniy [o the It never was designed that one part of the country should be pormanenUy aTicultural and the other part nmauf act uring ; hut it was designed that agricukural and manufacturlng should go hand in hand, and wherever they do go hand In liaud you have thrift, progresa and happiuess. industrial system whicli cuinbines the highest elementa of human prosperity by uniting the agricultural and manufacturing intfiests is worth preserving, you sliould not forget that opponents have never failcd in the la 51 years, never Miice 1833, when uiey had power in congress, eillier to repeal a protective tariff, if one existed, or to try to repeal it, or to prevent, the enactment of sueli a tarilf. In other words, smce Ibiá the democratie party in congress has never sustained by its vote a protective tarifl- not one. A rjROTECTED TARIFF AND C0MJ1ERCE. We are met with the accusation that a protective tarift'injures the cominerce of the country. That is more frequenily made In the east than in the west. The niswer to itis that since a protective tarifl" was enacted in 18G1 the exports from the United States have been vastly greater m amouut and value than all theexports from the flrstsettlementoftheEu"lish "öv vu min uumiiieiutiown to me ïn-iugiiratlonof i'resident Lincoln. [Oheersl 1 thinlc that is worth repeating ["Yes" " Yes"]. If you take every export that was ever made f rom the territory vvhich constitutes the United States frorn the time of the settlement at Jamestown and at Plymouth Koek, 1007 and 1020, clear down to 18G0 and add them togetlier, they rail by several thousand million dollars to be as great in amount as our exports from 18C1 to this time, so that the assertion that a protective tariff hinders the development of the cornmerce of the country is not only disproved by facts, but the directly contrary is true, for agricultura and manufactures and commerce go hand in hand and were deslgned to go hand in hand. They are the Hippie cards which bound togetlier make up the strennh of national prosperity. I assume, therefore that the people of ühio are interested in maiutaining a protective tariff, and if they are, it ia their power to do it. Oiiio speaks her voice on 1 uesday iiext. This district will then have an opportunity to speak her voice and say whether one of the most brilliant advocates of protectioti that ever served in congress sha'.l be returned. [Cheers for Mr. McKinley.] With this opportunity to vindícate byyour votes the splendid expenence which Ohio has had in developing her agricultura! and manufacturinnmterests tonfetlier, it is fur you, men of Ohio, while the nation looks on, to record your oi)iuion andyour jiulgment. I thank you for your coidial reception and bid you good-by. [ïremendous cheeriii" J


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