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BALL'S TÍ vv I : f ïfósÊ&rli COBSETS Tlie OXLY (I)RSKT innde that can be returiiecl hy " PUrtplRFEtCTLhYreSAT.kSFÏctORYüt ÍÜU"a n respect, and lts p35 réñiidíiTliv ""r. Mdo n a varnty o( styles and prlci-s. Solií by rst-class ynliTs c-vt-rywhere. lieware of worthltu iniitatiolis. Kor Sale only hy WINES & WORDEN jméÊm ITISASPECIFICI ITISRELIABLE Kidney & UverXeUSBright-B bíTroubles, yRHi eMC Pain in ¦ei aa tt ijTSaJ the Back, Loin Bladder, IXrinary J orSidMi „ and luvcr Diñases, W'Jj éon or NonDropsy, Gmvol and yfEe tent ion of HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. It cures Biliounness, Hsadache, Jaundiee, Sour Stomach, Dynpepsia, Constlpatlon andPUe. IT WORKSPROMPTLY and cutes Intemperance, Kervoua Diaoasei. Oeneral DebiUty, Eiccssca and Pomalo Weakness. USE IT AT ONCE. It restores the KIDNEYS, LIVEB and BOWEia, to a healthy aeUon and CUB.ES wlien au othermedioinesfall. Himdreds have been eaved ¦who have boen givon up to dlo by frieads and physiciane. Prlce 1.85. Sond for IUuatrated Pamphlet to Hü.NT'S KEJIEDï CO., Providonce, K. I. _ LD BY ALI, DRUGGISTS. "Wliy doyou run on the prohibition ticket y" ivas asked of a candida te. " You an not i temperance man." "I know tlint," replied Cue candldate, " I care nothinfr tor the tempersnee movement and oiiiy run on the prohibition ticket because it is so cheap." - Arknnsaw Tra veler. Skiimy Men. "Wells' Health Henewer" restores heallh aml vi?or, cures Dyspepsla, impotence, Sexual Debility. $1. "Don't you tbiuk hubby," said a bride of one week assfae claiped berarma lovIngly about herhusband'e neck, "thatthe sentiment ' Two loula with but a single thonght' is Blngularly fitting in our case." 'Teí, I do," replied the matter-of-fact man, " since T liave got all the brains." And now a refrlgeratory coolness pervades the boüom ot' tliat fumily. - Indiauipolls Scissorg. Tliis I(ïea of Going West o Colorado or New Mexico, for pure air to relieve Consumptlon, is all a mistake. Any reasonable man would use JJr. Boianko'a Cough and Lunx Syrup tor Consumptlon in all ils fint stage. Jt never falla to give relief in all cases of Couglin, Colds, Bronchitis, Pain in the Clieft and all aflectioni that are considered priniary to Consumptlon. Prlee, 50 cents aud fl.OÓ. Sold by Eberbftch Son.


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