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The recent presentía) elec-t'on has shown tbat tbero is au inviocible reason whv the Democratie party cim never win a Datiooal victory. It is tbat the joutbs of tbis republic sre not Democratie. The eons of Democratie fathirs bave grown up Republlcans. So long as Blavery and tbe war linger wilhln tlio memory of American?, the youths of Ihe republlc wlll continue to grow up Repubüeats; and slavery and tbe nr wtll be remembered as loug as the public school svstem exists. The public fchools have elain tbe Democratie parcy with the text-books. It is vatu for stat' srnen to declare that tbere were a's raauy Deruocats as Ueptiblicaus In the Uniou army. It is vain to afttrm thit the war for tbe preservatlon of the Union could not bave been carried to a suceessful close without the aid of tbe Democratie party. It is id'e for pbilaotbropy to suergest tbat the attitude of tbat party toward the war in the beginning was a humane one; tbat It was inspired by the higher and be ter wl6h tbat the cause of tbe conflict should be peaoeably removed, and the spilling of brothers' blood by brothers' bands avoided. Tlio Democratie party bas bBen idtally identifled wlth slcvery and fhiveholding. Tbe R,epub!lcan party is idtiallv identified with emane pation aod tbe war. Therefore ar the youths of the country incapable of beiaic Dernccia'ic. Taerefore tbe Democratie party can nevi-r win tk national victory. Itsold menaiedying away. TUB VOUNG MEN ALL REPUBLICANS. Tüe boys who catch tbe ballo's that fah from their stiffered hands are Repnblicaus. This fact cannot be denied. It wilt do no good to quarrel with it. All other caue3 whieh baveoperated to dimlnish the number of Demoerats and incroase the rumber of Republtcaos are insigmtlcunt besldts tbis one tremaudous and iuvlnclble fact. The curse of slavery has pols oned the blood and rotted the boDe of the Democrat'c party I üe malediciionof the war has palsied lts brains. NO DEMGCRATS THERE. The young wlfe who held the babe qd to kiss tbe father as he hurrled to the tap of his departlug regiment has not suckied a Democrat. The weary foot of the eray erandmother who watched the chlldreu wbile'tbe wlfe was busy bas not rocked the eradle of Detnccratí. The chnir that the solriier father never carne back to fill bas not been cüujbi-d upon by Demccrats. The old blue coat that. his cotnrades cirried back was cut up for little jackets, but not one covered the heart of a Demncnt. The rattled nnisket that feil from him with his last sbot became the tboughtless toy of hls boys; but not a hand that plaj-ed with it was the hand of a Démocrat. l'he babe he kissed crowed and crowed for his return, and its unwit'iDg and unaorweivd notes were not from the tbroat of a Deuiocrat. The tear-soiled camp let ers wbicri ihe muther read aloud ie the long, bitter evenlngs wmle the boys clus'erei at her kneos did Dot fall upon Democratie ears. Tbe girls' i-obs, blend ng witn the mother's I iue, did not rnake Demoerats of their brotuer.. Periiaps the fatber had been a Deiaociat all his life! DEMOCRATS NOT MADE IN SCHOOLS. The children go to fclioo!. There is not a Democrat oa its benches. The first reader coLtains a portrait of Abraham Liccoln - that kind and siurdy face never made a Democrat. On ts simple pages, in words of one or two syllables. is told the story of his blrth ar.d di'iith. That story never made a Dtmocrat. In the pranks of the pliyground the name süencfs the frolicsomt! and makes the jlliest grave. That name never made a Denioerat. In t'e pictures that hebt up the geography are the ÜrlDir on Fort öumter and the death of Ellswurü. Those pictures mane no Demoerats. The h'rst page oí tbe his'ory contains a representation bf the surrerfdrr ofLee at Appomattux. No boy gazes on tbat and ever after avows himself a Democrat. THE CURSE OF SLA VEST ON TUE PARTY. In the higher írra "es tbe same subtle and unresisted influence is at work. The lextbook contains extracts from patriota' speeches during the war. Tbose speeches make no Demoerats. The great battles are brlefly described; the narrativo has no Democratie listeneis. The siram of martial muslc runs thrnugh the readers, and that music makes uo üemocrats. Sketches of the great fei:erls re gïveu; the brave di-eds arouse tbe enthusfasm of the lads, but there is no Denu amorg tliem. Tbe horrors aud sufferings of the slavea are told; the maddeoed blood that mounts the b ij's cheeks is uot Domocrntlc blüod. The curse of slavery bas pnrsued the Democrnt'c party, aud has houiKleü it to it death Thercfure, 1-t it die; and no lip will be fóund to say u prayer over the grass on its grave. OTHER CAUSES FOR DEMOCRATIC DEFEAT. The late deCeat noed not be attributed to any other causes. Other ciuses were at work, but they were only incidental The tariff was one. SecMonalism was a second. "Let welt enough aloce" was a third. The October failure in iudiaua was a fourth. But all the-e were trivial, and toeether cnuld not have accomplisbed tbe result The resuit was ceomplisr.ed beeatise the youth oC liie republic was noí DeooocmtiG Thatpirty is, therefore, witb'out n future and without a hope. Tbe malepiction of the war ha paisieti its bruin. Tne curse of slavery bas poisoued lts bloo 1 and rotted iis bone. Let it die.- Xuv 7, 18S0.


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