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Wanted To Be On The Safe Side

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The Pili a Irlpúia Cali reíales as follM Jinks- "Se herí, Mintos, I alw garde'l you as a man oí sense; but, f have beeji mlstnformed, you iutend the biggel kind of a f o. 1 of your.eK. , Minkt- "I sbould mnch like yuu to .- sir, and tliat richt quiokly." "Oh! you needn't get niad. I cow. as a f riend to save you from beiommS' of ridicule." "We 1. what are you driving at, of . "The paters say that jou lutondtott ried in a hallo. .n at the state fair in tl? euee of 50.1V0 peunlB 1 sinceiely I won'i u.aka tiiy uch exlilb t on of Remembt-r how hls'1}' raspected your lus .ilways bfi-n, " .. h. "No u58 lrinc to dissuade me, kcow har, ï a.u bw, iid I "- v !?¦ in-tead of 50,U0Ü there could be .,IWP. present." ,..i -'Wor-e and worse. Are yu era "Notatall. I expect to run f.'i soniedayaiid :,i ..enty ot wit tbefaccihii I was attunily, rcijulariyi f licly uiarried." _ Philidelphia F-s.' Geu. Butler i J JobU Wüac-km BeS.,le re ¦'"nri ? tale ui Miei ïgiin tu„otber. l-tler a soi e und rtumu butnt-ss,waile ii8-"' ,rtr nbo .t itu a rail iu lus ü..nd rf. ktiocU the impudence out of any y" cal tentence tQac may iool rouaM"rforui tryüig to iuterrupt the show.


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