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We understand that certain individúate ...

We understand that certain individúate ... image
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We understand that certain individúate are crltieising tliis paper because it does not pitch in and abuse some of the candidates upon Üie opposition county ticket. For the benefit of everybody interested we wish to say that the Coubikr gives a clieerful and cordial support to the ENTIHE ticket nominateil by the various re]ublican conventlons in this county, although some of the candidates are not republicani, but that it considers abuse of any one poor policy. Furthenuore, the Codrier has given every candidate nominated a good notice, and a "send off" that eacli one should have appreciated(but some people may be so very sclfish that they'don't know wlien they are well used). And furtlieniiore the Coukiek has said more in favor of its candidates, both national and local, than any otlier republican paper in Washtenaw county, as its liles will show. This paper has labored earnestly with those republicans wlio have been tainted with the " new party" idea, and it has reason to believe with some success. It lias poured hot shot into the enemies" ranks at every weak point it could find. It has sliown up the disgraceful record of Grover Cleveland in a manner that has been copied by leading papers far and wide. And has left no stone unturned to beneiit its party. More flies are caught with molasses than with vinegar, gentlemen, and though it may be an error of jurlgment, we believe that the CoüBIKB, by taking the course it lias taken, has helped every candidate upon the ticket to a greater extent than it wonid have done by i series of vindictive tirades upon the oppositiou candidates or any one of them. The Cot-rier will do, as it has done, every thing in its power for the whole ticket, mcluding the member of congress from this district. And in closing this article wetake occasion to remarle that there are other people besides newspaper men, on whom some of the duties of the campaign devolve. Tliere nemer ?ms been a belter man nominaled, either polüicaUy, morally, sociaüy, or any other way, for contjrena in this district, than Capt. E. P. Allen. Vote for Mm. A vote for Cleveland is a vote for the solid south. If you want it to return to power vote tliat wny.


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