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As a significant thing conoerning the election, we have been shown a letter received by i minister in this city from a prominent minister in Ohio wlio had been a prohibition'st stnnip speaker there, but got his eyes opened by theglaringaudacit Ot' tïlp lïpmnrratS and enlr"; = ;- attenipting to made tools out of tliemHe writes as follows : " Ohio is awake, atid the democrats are wonderfully surprised. Tliey liad made every effort and had really staked all things on the resnlt here. The circulars and efibrts of democratie papers to increase the temperance ticket vote with the set purpose to defeat the head of the republican ticket because it was composed of crusade men, overdid the work and reacted. Then free trade was ruinous here as Frank Hurd found. The two circulars (of the democratie saloon men) were distributed two weeks ago, but even drinking men are beginnig to see better than they act in regard to their own interests." The covnly funds will be safe in I7ie hands of such a conservative, honorable, business man as Albert Case, of Manchester. It ajustas impossible tor the democratie and some of the so-called Independent papers to teil the triith about the recent election, as it is for them to keep from lying about Blaine and Logan. Not one of them bas given the result in either Ohio or West Virginia as it actnally was. They claim 9,000 and 10,000 democratie umjority in the latter state and concede about 8,000 republican in the former. ; The truth 9 their inajority in West i ginia doesn't exceed, if it leachcs 4,000, j while the republican majorities in Ohio range from 11,831, to 18,-418. The whole opposition campiiign has been one continual string of maliciou lies and foulmouthed stander, and they intend totight it out on that line to the end. Such nefarious scliemes never Bueoeed, eventhough engineered by "pure" men like Heury Ward Beecher, for instance. The republicatis of this district are, and tl'.ey have reason to be, proud of their candidate for congress. Capt. Allen is ! winning friends and votes by his admirable speeches. He is frank and fair toall who differ from liim, and his work is to win them by honest argument to his way of thinking. Col. Eldridge wasexceptionally wise in declining to meet Capt. Allen Q joint discussion of the politieal questions at issue in this canvass. You can not break the solid south, and there's no use of trying. The rank prejudice and confirmed bourbonism of the southern people will always hokl their nose to one political grindstone. Then the hope of some day pensioning the rebel soldiersisacherisheddelusion they bug to their breasts and ballots closer than clingu a babe to its mother. We are trying to teach the demócrata their A B C's. For instance : We are now enjoying the administration of President A; next year it will be President B. The democratie nominee will flnd tliat C can't come until after B. Do U. C? And still t must be remembered that the letter C is fatal asan initial for presidential candidates. üalhoun, Cass, Clay, Conklln, Chandler, with whom we are all familiar, never reached the goal. And Cleveland will suceeed no better. In the issue of the Detroit Free Press of last Friday, is a heading " We Laugh Last !" Yes, we have always noticed that the F. P. waits until It was too late before venturing any smiles on election returns. Gov. Begole has liad the books two years now. Isn't it about time he uuearthed some of the big republican frauds lie promised to, it he could only have the opportunity ? John II. Fox, of Ypsilanti, is a good lawyer, an accouunodating attorney, and isjustthe man needed for circuit court commissioiHT.


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