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TEST YOÜR BAKING FOWDER TQ-DAY. Jlranrls advertísed as absolutely pure THE TEST: Piar1 a can top down 011 a liut stove ntil heated.thon reiuuve che cover and smelt. A chemú-t win nut be reqnlred todetect the proafinnri ot amiiionta. M05T FHt'HUT MADE. líOES XOT CONTÁIS A3IM0XIA. its iiCALnini.ts9 has NEVER M VJHVtMm ín a mlllion hompí for a quarter of a century it hai inuil thi conaumers' raHabla te!, THE TEST OF TKE OVEM. PRICE BAKINO POAVDER C0., m uncofl oír Dr.Fricc's Special FlavoringExtracts, TlijH(rnnft-H,mot1i'tlrIouu nuil tialur I flmor Liiunn.itnd Q?a Price's Lupugin Yeasi Gems l'or I.ifht, Hi'nlthy Braad, The Best Dry II p .1 I ni tlio World. FOi? SALE BY CROCERS. OHICACO. - ST. LOUIS. UGHT HEALTHY BREAD WiwWffs' SYEASTGEMS The best dry hop yeast in the world. Brea( raised by this yeast Is light, white and whole rome lika our grandmothar's delicious brea( CROCERS SELL THEM. PREPAREO BY THS Price Baking Powder Co., BanTrs ol Dr. Price's special riavorins Extracis, Chicago, lll St. Louis, Mo DOES (A,r WONDERFUL VYkl( CURES OF i+H KIDNEYDISEASES (J) " AND Q LIVER COMPLAINTS. o Hpcnuso It ncts on tho L1VEU, MOWELS and KIDEÏS at tho sumo timo. Bocause it oleansos the yatra of the poiaonoiiri humor that dovelope ia Kidncy aucl ürinary Disoaaea, Büiousnoao, Jaunclice, Constipation. Pilos, or in Riioumatiem, Neuralgia, líervouu Doordors and all Female Complaüita. tsraoLiD pitooF of tuis. ÏT WTLIj SUBEIíY CT7BE CONSTIPATION, PILES, and RHEUMATISM, By oausinf FHEE ACT10N of all the organs and functiona, thereby CLEANSING the BLOOD rostorintf the normal power to throw off dlseaao. . THOUSANOS OF CASES af tho worst form of thOBe terrible dlsoaaes havo beon qidokly relieved, and in a short timo PBRFECTLY CURED. PKICE, I. I.KjflD OU DRY, SOLD Ilï UEIGCISTS. ? Dry can be Bent by mail. WELLS, niCHABDSON & Co., Burlington, Vt. 3 üriid t.ini fyr Diary Alinaiiiic for lv4.


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