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Coldwater ma a boy's braneh of the Y. M. C. A. with 100 members. 'J'lie Frencli Cathulics in Detroit are to erect a $55,000 church edifiee. Allegan has expended $102,000 in new buildings un tlie butiit district si ace last April. For tlie first time in tlie history of' the the place a saloon bas bmti oponed at East Tawas A " fnith cure " convention to be held at Mfcnistee. "Faith and be jabers phat do ye's cure,?" Senator J W. Bolknap, of Grecnvllle "hankers art er" the pro tem. presidenoy of the state sonate. Morlev Uro?... of East Sugiuaw, have sold $'2."),00i) worth of roller skates. Ju-t think of the bumps ! "Alfiettn," .F. K. Pearson's trotter, Flint, BOld for $8,580 spot eash. Notheads, but lejrs fetcli Uie muney, novv-a-days. Jlailrond news is encouraging. The preilictlons are that we will have a road here hext ycar. - Sault Öte. Marie News. The great democratie blow-out will be held in Flint to-morrow. All the dem's big state guns will he tiiar' - but Josiab. A peppennint faun near Muskejron, yiolded 20 His. of oil to the acre, woith $50. Tbat would Uike tlie wind off a huge sturaacii. The battlc flagof the 2Ürd resjiiuent, captnred du ring the war has been returned, und will be kept in the state house at Lausiiifi And nnw Gov. Begole s:iys the prohibitionists defeated liim ! Poor prohibs, ilieirsins are m;:nifold and fast Hlldlnj! them out. E. J. Mos, of Coldwater, has not been aoeamuUktlllg moss but horseradish, and nnw has 4.200 lbs. ready for business. Wipe youi' eye on that. John Morris, the man who shot Mayor Robiiison.of Charlotte, sume miinthsao, has heen adjudjj'ed sane by a jury, afteran hour'sdeliberation, and sentenced to state prison ut J.tckson. Daniel 8. Croseman, of Williamston, for manv yeüis the elerk of the state house of representativos - and a pond one, too, - has been appolnted I'. M. at his home. Beware tlie nies of Maren! Some of the clerks in the post office at Gfraiid Baphis are kicking aliout the poitical assesHineiit thev paid, and have :rought suit tor the recovery of the same Poo ïnuch Indian about tliat. Yankee Springs, B-irry Co., Iirs h poiing lady of the kind that is worth hav ing. She huskedOOO bushels of eorn this f all, besidefi attending to her household Juties. üon'f all speakat once, boys. A bout 7.000,000 tiout ectus have been eollecteil at Alpena tor tne Detroit fioh hatchery, and 1,000,000 tor the Northville hatchery. Eiglity jars of white flsh ejigs have also been collected for the U. 8. fish hatchery at Alpena. Brishtoji wasono of the townships which voted aid to the Michiu;:iii Air Line railroad in 1 830. the amount belng $11.000, and will perhaps be sued for the same, vvith interest, vvhich would lie about $25,0C0 iiow, It is believed that the bouds were retnrned to the township, but a aearoh ot the records will h ive to be made to settle the matter. - Brighton ( Mtizeti. Prospect for the Ironlnc of the old MunsrieUJ, Coldwater fc Luke Michigan road bed seem to be brighter at the present chau for yeara. The officials of the Vat Wert & Michigan rail road are looking int( the matter of extending their line froo Ohio into Michigan, and if satisfactoiy arrangements can be made, we shall ere long see the iron horse steaming over the lonsr deserted route trom noitheru Michi


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