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In a literarj way this distinguisheil Journal is the national leader of the republican party. Durint; the past year it not only has kept up with public sentiment but it has had mnch to do with shaping it. It lias been the only nietropolitan paper which has stood by the rcpublican Standard and its increased circulation thereby has shown its commendalion froin the people. We were Klad to hear that durinjj election week it sold 1,202,000 copies, and that it has Httained a regular circnlation of 121,000 tor the daily and 143.000 for the weekly. This it justly merits and still more. In the editorial department there is a virile pen which gives thought and eneruy of expression. In its general news department it is uoexcelled, and as an entirety it stands at the head of republican newsoapers. For this reason it giveg pleasure to cali attentlon to its prospectus. Wlioever had the management of Col. Eldredge's canvass in this county, made very poor work of it. Thereis nogoxl reason why, helng on the fusión ticket, our candidato for GODgreM kIiouM not have run even wlth the liiHlon electora, llis opponent, Allen, although a residentol'thls county.was very vul npralileon account oí hls prohibltion record. Weknowfrom experience and observatlon ttiat, it wasan easy matter to get republicana to vote asiaiiiKt Allen.- Argus. How mucli ea?ier to eriticise than to do. How niuch easler to te 11 liow it slioiild liave Ijceii done ifter it is all over than to taUe liokl ;iiil help fJo It while the canvass is progreMitig. It can't be possible that Bailey is taking this inethod to ingnitiate liinisolt' into Coiiffressman Eldredge's pood racf-s, can it V That in tliis manner he bopei to smite Manly a heavy blow botween the eyea, anti by vïgoioualy peltllig Allen's fallen body to use them botli as stcpping stoues to the uil coveted P. O.?


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