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BA U'S wl Hl ;,¦¦¦¦' #Emf í CORSETS The OSLï (ORSKT made that can be re tu metí hy its puíclmscr íiftt-r three weeks wear. if nut fuund PERFEC7UY $ATISFACTORY in evory respect, and lts jiric-e refundr d Ly eller. Made ii a variety of styles and prices. Sold by ttrst-cluss deulurs everywhere. Beware of worthless imitations. None gtmuine unless It ha8 Halt' name un the box. CHICAGO COR&ET CO., Chicago, III. For c - '- by WINq . nIÍEN : ÍKIDNEY :8c f Wmm íafíííílíWÍHlíiHÍ IT CUHES WHEIf I action. It )3 a safo, ALIi OTIIEK jQk suro and speedy curo CI1IE8 PAIL, as it VNlEk &L "" d hunacta DIEECTLT V11 havo and AT ONCE on 'nSp been cured the KIDNEY3, P" by ll when LIVER and Jfly phy sicians aud ELS, restoring (" J frionds had tjtom to a healthy yT JSW sgiven thoui up IT IS BOTH A SAFE CURE and a SPECIFIC. It CURES nll niseaneii of tbe Ki.lney, J.ivcr, ItlHdtler and [,'rlnary 4rsan DropsT, l.rntl, lliabftes, Briht's '¦¦ ¦-!-¦, N i- ,us líist-MsrM, l:irrnseH, Keutale W rjilun-unci, ¦ l-.-ii ;¦;.-.¦, liilioiisnegN, Ileadnclir. Smir 8tinacb DyNpeinia CoiiHtiatiun, Piles, Pninn in tlie lijirk, l.oiiiN, or side, Ifetention r N . n - 1. , i , ,, i , ,, o f Urine. $1.25 AT DR1 CISTS. s-TAKE NO OTHER.TW Send r" Uuitratod Pamphlet of Bolid Tetlmon??. . Absolute Cures. m;.Ts hemkiíy co., 6 Provldcnce, R. I. ÍTHSGSSAT SLQQD PU&IFZEHf Liver and Kídney Eemedy, EjJ Compounded from the wcll known H Curatives Hops, Malt, Buchu, Manm drake, Dandelinn, Barsaparilla, m W cara Sagrada, etc., combined with an w M areeable Aromatic Elixir. I m TIIEY CURE 'DISPEPSIA' & INII&ESTION, A m9 Act upon the Livor nud Kidnrj, BH Eje] regúlate tüë" bowels, U tfi't 'Lev cure Rheumatism, and all 1 nury troublea. They lnvigorate, n uourisb, strenben and quiet m J the Nervoua System. W JL As a Tonlc they have no Equal. A CnW Tuke nono bnt Hops and Mulc Óttters. BE KW -FOR SALE BY ALL DEALERS. PB ¦H Hops and Malt Bitters Co. Bfl BH DETROIT, MICH. SU


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