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Estáte of William Hulbert. At a pension of the Probate Court lor the County ol Waahtenaw, holden at the Probate Office, in the city of Ann Arbor, on Tuesday, the e tehteenth day ot November, in the year one thonsaud eight hundr ed and elghty-fmir. Present, William D. HarrlmuD. Judee ol Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Wilham Hulbert, deceased. Conistock F. fllll. the adiniuistrator ot said estáte, comee into court and represent that he ie now prepared to render his floal account as such aduiinistrator. Thereuponlt is ordered, tuut Monday,thenTteenth day of December next, at ten oVlock in the forenoon, be aisiened for exaiuinins and allnwim: aueh account and that the helrw at law of said deceased and all other persons interested in said estáte, are required to appenrat a session of said court, then te be holden at the Probate Ónice, in the city of Anu A said county and show any there be, why the said account shouhi not be allowed. And it tsfurtherorderedthatsaidadmii.WtratorKivenotice to the persons interested in said estáte, of the pendency of said account, and ihe hearing thereot, by causlnf a copy of this order to be uublished iu the Ann Arbor Öourter, n newspaper priuted and circulated in eaid county, threesuccesslve weeks prvious to BHid dny ot hearing. (A true coiy.) WILLIAM D. riAKRlMAN. Jud:eof Probóte. WM. Q. DOTY. Probate lïexister. liü2-lJ4 Estáte of Josejh Sclmabel. QTATEüFMICHIQAN.Oountyof Washcentws A.t a session of the Probate Oourt for the County ot Waehteuaw holden at the Probate Office, ir the city ol Ann Arbor, on Tuesday, the twonty-fitth day ot November, iu the year one thouewnd Bitfhl hundred and eiijhty-i. ur. l'resent, V illiam D. Harrimun. Jud(;e of ïrobate. In the matter of the estáte of Joseph Schabel, deceacetl. Paul Sclinab"l, the administra o of satd catate, cornet into court aud represent? that he is now prepan-d !o rtnder her final account as fiicli adminitttnitor. Thereupon it isordered, that Saturday, the twentieth day of December nest, at ten o'clock in the aesigued tor examininy and allowiiiK nuch accoQtit, and thrtt the heir? at law of Mdd du ceased.aud all other personH interestedin said estale, ure reuuired toappearat a seseion ui snid court,then to be holden at the Probate utnce. in the city ol Ann Arbor, in naid couuty, and show canse, if any there be, why the naid account nhould not be allowed. And it Is further ordered, that saiil lniiniatrator give notice to the peison tatwwtefl In said estáte, of the pendency ol paid account, and the hearing thereof, by rausing a copy ol this order to be pubhshed in the Anti Arbor Couriér, a newppaier printed and circulated in snid county, three successlve weeks previout to said da ot hearing. (A trne copy.) WILLIAM D. UAIUilMAN, Judife of Probate. WM. O. DOTY. Probate Heelster. HSS-UH Kstate of Samuel H. Roed. SÁFATE OF MICH1OAN, County of Waehieinv , f. At a setwion olthe Probate, (.'ourt for the t'ounty i Waahtenaw, holden at the ''róbate Office, in the city o! Ann Arbor, on Tuesilay, the twenty fifih lay ot November, in the year one ihousand eight uindnd and eigiity-four. Pecnt. William O. I Hiiirinian, .hidue of 1'robiUe. iu the matter of the esuite of amuel B. liced, 'ieceaned. (Ui readinir and ftlin (hc peiition, uul verilled, of David A. I'ohi, prayiiii. that a certaln ' instrument now on tí ir in thlacourt, uurport Ing u be t t: lust will and iu tanu-ni of said leiieed, maj lf ndmitted to propale, and tlnit lie r.iay be appolntuü ex-cutor tliereof. Thereupon it ïh orciered, that Moiuiay, the [ ty-eeeond dny of December next, at ten o'clock in the lorenoon.b' assined fus the hearing of said ¦ titiou, and that the devi-ie ii i;.ite's Htid ( heire at law ol'taid decensed, uud uil othor persons [ Interesled in stiid estáte are reuiretl touppear at a ; ¦OPttOO ol iaid court, theu to bv holden at ihe Probate Oltice, tn the City ol Anu Arlor, uid show cause, if any there be, vii the pmyer of th patltio:icr shoiild Dol be ¦lli l Ii furlUer ordered, that naid petitioner iric iinth, m the persons interested in said esiate, ot the pendeney ol eatd petitlon, and the hearniL' thereot.b causini: H copy of tliis ordr to be publlstu d in Ütle Ann Arbor (-ouner, a uewepHper printt'd und I tingin paid couuty, three successive weeks prcvious to said day of liêftriiiK (¦& Xrv t'py.) WILLIAM D. HAKKIMAN, Judire of Probate. WM. O, DOTY, Probate Keinter. 12&13 SUBSCRIBE forlTCüüËiÊB!


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