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The offer of the common council to the gas corapany, to pay the same rate for the city gas posts as pi ivate consuméis pay, bas been refused by the company. So we are still without light in the streets, except when the moou is kind enough to give us a benctit. From th is the eyes of our Solons have been directed to the electric arcliglits and two proposillons present theniselves. One is to hire about tliirty lights and havo tliem distributed along the principal st reets at the corners, while the other Idea is for the city to buy the plant and run it. Tliis latter schema wouldinvolve a direct outlay of some $10,000 and an annual expense probubly of $3,000. It would give us the best Hgtated streets of any city in these parts, but is it not rather expensive? Wo see the same objectlong to it whlch attended th nrnri.1. ,. me city to construct water works. If the cltizens wish to have the streets lighted by electricity let the lights be bired. Then all eau knOU wuul It costs and where the money goes. By letting a contract from year to year the city can take advantage of all improvements in lighting more quickly than if it owned a plant and had to run It until it was worn out. Although to light the streets by electricity would cost about a thiid more, wc would like to see it, as It is far ahcad of gas. However, if the are light can not be hired, let us have gas at $13.20 per post, rather than darkness for nothlng. The latter is too cheap. The election of VN illiam M. Evaits as senator of New York, meets with general approbation as it again adds materially to the brains of the U. S. Sonate, and at the same time gives a great state a fitting man to represent its interests. He is one of the ablest statP"""1" of the countrv.


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