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Cbronlcle election S.iturday, Jan. 31st. Prof. J. B. Steere lias a new daughter. Prof. Obeti now acts as dean of the Homeopathie department. The Delpbian ha8 not yet made ils appenrance. Kather strange. The new library building begins to show up defeets in construetion already. Query: Wby have not the freshmen as good a right to an aiinual publication as any of the other classes? The new mortarboards have a diamond shaped board, whilo those forinerly adopted were square. Progresi. The January number of "The Alieroseope," issued at tbis efflee, reaches the prosperous number of Uvo thousand copies. The dental department has had an acquisition to its ranks from New York, San Francisco, and England, since tbe holidays. The catalogue of Hamilton College for 1884-5 reveáis only onename from Michigan, that of Chas. EL Kelsey, of Marquette. The reading given by Prof. Trueblood Friday evening last to his pupils and a few friends, was greatly enjoyed by those present. Mrs. Stowell has received a large number of letters from all parts of the country congratulating her on her newly acquired honm-s. Chester Hok-otnb, who was secretary of Chinese legation when Dr. Angelí was minister to that country, has been paying that gentleman a visit during the week. Last Wednesday Dr. Margaret Humphreys commenced a series of lectures before the dHnta upon " Dental Mulnlu Medica and Therapeutics," of which tliey speak in terms of praise. The senate committee on the universlty is composed of: Senators H.C. Sherwood, of Kalamazoo ; C. J. Monroe, of Van Buren; and S. AV. Smith, of Oakland. House coniniittee was given last week. A. tí. Pettit, lit. '79, was in town Monday on liis way froin the East to his home in Denver, Colorado, where he is in the real estáte biiBiness. He reports that there are a gooclly number of U. of M graduales out there, and they talk of Itii'in i ii r a alumni association. Tlie Ladies' Library Associatio-i are thinking of producln?, at the opera house, some time this êeason, one of Professor Hennequin's latest plays. We are informed that the professor hi8 klndly consented to let the assoclntion have the manuscript of a comedy eutitled " The 1'rofessor. The Chronicle comes out In favor of Hcnry D. Bennett, late steward, for the postoffice, but doesn't feern to have much faith In it8 own candidate's abllity lo get there, after all. The safest way is to catch on the train that goes forward, not the one thiit's backinj; up. and then "you don't get lef t " Postofflces, like lltfhtning, beldom strike twice in the same place. Harvard University appears to be In a fine coiulition flnancially. lts fund property ajrgregntei $4,S33,U3S ; income for the year, $6S0,850, against espenuitures of 767,894. The receipts for the year. exclusive of income and in the form of gifts, amount to S68,438. These gifls nülude the Eben Wrijrlit fnnd, $100,000; HenryT. Morgan fund. $80,558; and the Henry Harris fund, $29.939. Asst. Prof. C. G. Taylor has dralted a plan for a new meohanical laboratory building that is said to meet the approval f those interested, and which would siccommodatc that rapidly growing demrtincnt. It is to be hoped that the incmbers of the present legUlature will iee their way clear to granting the aid isked for much needed ncw departncnt building. Chicago, always on the alert for the ] hrifty penny, has had established within ler [recincts a new sort of literary bueau, of the species that has thriyed o .veil at Washington by the patronage of :oni(res8men. It agrees to furnlsh colege students with essays, oratlons, poems, n fact any sort of a springsteeled, llghtïlng-geared double-braln power article lesireil. It claims to do a thrlring btisi16M. The different unlversitlce of the country are credited wltli the following atteadHiice this year : Harvurd 1,508, Columbm 1,458, Oberlin 1,458, U. of Mich. 1,271, Yale 1,086, Mass. last. of Tech. 579, Cornell 589, Princeton 505, Duitinouth 402, U. of Vernoont 346, Aniherst 334, Lehigh307, Jehns Hopkias 373, Williams 253, Brown 248. The Chroniele uigently appcals to the faculty to presa tipoii the legislatura tlie necessity for a gymnasium. If the legislature will not listen, liow woultl itdo for the boys to array themselves on the alïectionate side of some aged, wealthy gentleman, without children or family, and sugge8t to him tlic idea of hU leaving an imperishable tablet to bta mcinory ? For instance, "Tlie Janes Memorial Gymnasium Hall, endowed by Lyman Janes, who bequeathed $100,000 ; $50,000 of which was for the ercction of a suitable sti ucture, and its furnishinif, and $50,000 to be placed at Interest, the proceeds to be used for the proper maintetiance and care of the same." That would be one of the grandest tombstones that a man could erect to liis inemory. And the man who ahall liavo the force of character and cliarity to do it, wlll have his name honored and sung in college songs for generatioaa yet to come.


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