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Earth And Heaven

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Th followine beautifnl hyran 1 once hcard sung by Rev, liiury ÍS lieer, ut Clark'a camp-uround, somo tbirty yenrs aLo, and enn never Utri-i the impresslon it made on the ¦¦nircijiiiirni : The (althless world, promiscuous flow, Enrupt lti iancy's visión ; Alluren by sound, becuiled by show, And empty dreums, nor Bcnrcely ktiow There is a bnghter beaven. Fine cld wlll chanpre, and dlmnonds fadt;, Swlft wing to wealth are(,-iin ; AH varyinff timo or Torms invade , 'Vbo mmou roll, libt cinks in ahadu ; Tbcre'a noitiin' la-tw but heaven. C'reation'8 iflighty fabric al', Wiil be to a'oiiH riven, The aky r mr, the planeta rail, uonvulMons rock thf earthly hall ; Theru's ooibiue lirm but beaven. Empire'fl dticiy und natione die, Uur hope to winds are glven, The vernal btoomu In rutiis He, Death relgni o'er carth, and sea, and sky: Tbere's nothing llves but beaven. The world 1 poor, from shore to shore, And lik a báseles visión, lts lofty dom and brilliant ore. And Kmu. and cruwn aru vain and poor; There's nothing rich bot heaven. A stranger, lonely horo I roam, Prom place to place lm driven, My Mandi aro jrone, and I'm In i;lm ; The eartb is all a lonciy tomh ; I have no uome bul beaven. Tho clouds disperse, the licht appears, My sins are all forgivon ; Tnnmphant jjrace han nueU'd my fearp : Koll on, ye euns, fly swilt, ye ycarc I'm on my way to hoaven. Adieu ! to all the world adieu : Let life'ri dull claim4 ne rtvan; T.iit charras of Chriet havecaufht my view, To workls ot liiht will I pursue, To live with bim iu beuveu . [R. M. Snyder, of Independence Likc, handed us the nbove hyinu, wblch he cut frora the i 'tirislian Advocate niany years ago,


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