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The CbManlng Argus tells a story that bas a meaning: A prohibitory licjuor law wassome Urne ago put intoeftectat Portland, Midi., and ninv clubs have been fonned whieh OWH their liquor, and no one cm keep them fruui diinkiug. One club has 300 memben and the re U more drinking thero Iban before the law was passed. A tear of sympathy will be dropped by inaiiy M they read this from tbe Howell Republican: As a rule Howellites are not up in the simple hut philaiithiopic act of siduwalk cleaning, and to pedestrianize on sume ol our streets U now a tedious task. it all people coukl be urged to clean tlieir alks su that the vouth golng komc with bis sweetheart r'ioui the riuk or theatre could walk aOruuat of initead of behind hor, there would be more happiuess and less profane thinking in town. Here is a chance tor oiir Michi;au lej(islature to do itself proud. The fOllowlng is taken f rom the liay City Tribune: Theftatclegislatureof Georgia h;i. paM ed a law which, in efl'ect, breaks up the carrying of concealed weapons in that state. A tax of $100 is levied upon every place of business wbere they are gold, and, rather than pny it, the meichanls ghre up kecping them, fo that the plu cea where arras can be imrchased aie only limltod, and the replenlsbtng of cartriiijtes are exceedlnzly diffloult. Micbijjan legislators might do well to inake a note of this. The FentOD Independent tells a true story : Teil a biy that heis duncp. and he will soon be one. Teil a (rtrl thal ihe is fretful and dlsagreeable, she will soon besuch. Hul ping, and not hinileiing, is wfaat hunianity needs. Ahalfdrnnken man went into a (esperance meeting iu Cblcago wliich was led by awoinan. Heslgned llie piedle. The next morning, m lie was abnut to drink, he fimnd (lic pl-di;e card in bil pocket. "Dil I slan that list niijlil?" he saiil, readiug his namt!. "Well, it' Mr8. R, thinks I can keep it, I can," and kept it he lias tor lu-mly ten yai'S. The Pinckney DUpatch has the riiit end of the Iiish question. WUen the truth is known, if it ever is known, it willbenscertained that these dynamite oucrages are more the work of Englishmen uho linte Painell, aml bttpa to ee hira killed off iu this Wij, tlian it is of niisguided limen : It is a jfioss insult to the Irisl" pi'ople to Connect them and their cause with the dynamite outruges, as Senator RiddleberH'.r and othei so-called statesmeu have done, l'ainell, McCarthy and Dayitt are the true cliainpions of Irish ri-rhts and Irish libertyand exponentsof the real sen timent of Ircland. They abhor murder and spoilation. Xo race or country ia respon sible f or the acts of fanatioal Nihilists.


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