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Real Estate Transfers

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Kequin Beek to Jacob Bissinger, lot, Aun ArborCity ï S.flOO David J. Burger to Amos Qray, Dexter Villaje (deed glven In 1838 and never record ed, house buroed up and graotee dead) 800 Sue Horton to Milo Halght, York 180 Jerusha Noble to Mary J. Mayuard, Ann ArborCity 5,000 John S. Jennes to Herman Holmes, lot, YpsilanU MS ueorgeijainon to i . Betz, Bridgewater, mo Saninel D. Frederick to W. H. Frederick, Salem 300 Geo. A. Morse to W. J. Hayden, Ann Arbortown.. 500 G. Kurtz to August Gels, lot Ann ArborCity "50 KobertBrown to Wallace Durkee, Ml lan 450 Mary Brown to Wallace Durkee, Milan, 100 B. F. ïuttle to Jane E. Tuttle, lot, Clielsea 1,000 M. and F. Broas to C. Lanibarth, Lodi.. 4,000 John N. Howlaml to Jolia Henion, lot, YpsilanU 750 E. J. 8. Helber to Leo F. Hale, lot, Saline 8,000 Ypstlanti Gas Llght Co., to Ypsilantl Ga&Co., YpsilanU 0,000 Ypsilanti Gas Co., to Spencer Shaw, Ypsilant 1,100 M. Rlchardson's heirs to J. E. Forben, Dexter MM E. J. Chase toD. E. Smith, Salem 100 D. E. Smlth to G. S. Smith, Salem 600 F W. Smlth toW. II. Gray, Sharon.... 1,500 Wm. H. Culver to Jos. DeMott, York . . . 1,300 L. G. Ovenshlre to C. A. Ovenslilre, Northfleld 500 Jacob D. Deiss to John J.Gumper, Manchester 1,000 Geo. Bwate to John Grosshans, Lodl.... 3,892 Edward Dunn to D.M. Wtlson, Ypsilanti ."00 rtmrlnc I' ti Allllin ll.itlIlÉt sea 10O John McDonald to Oeorge McDonald, Sylvan 2,000 Eilwurds & Baulsbury to Alfred Mlller, Eodl ISO J. W. VauCleve to Frank H. Van Cleve, Ypsllantl clty ... 3,000 JefT. C. Brown to L. B. Vaughan, Ann Arbo 1.500 Alf. Booth to M. Schnlnle, Lodl.. 300 Emmet Booth to II. Schalble, Lodl 300 L. O. Webor to Bernard Bertke, Freedom 2,915 Qeorge Uros to C. Zelgler, Ana Arbor towii 1,300 Geo. B. Day to Patrlck Kennedy, Ann Arbor town 1,500 D. E. Smitb to John Holdt. Salem :i75 Jennle D. Parker to E. E. and M. A. Skldmore, Chelsea 2,700 H. E. Fulllngton to Marión Post, Augusta 800 P, B. Whltaker to Harvcn'lng Machine Co., Chicago, 111., lot, Chelsea 585 Lucy Q Ovenshlre to Loren G. OvenKhlre, Northfleld 1,000 Frank M. Forbos to James E. Forbes, Webster 1,500 W. H. Treat to C. L. Treat, Northneld.. 625 Nellle Stebblns to Frederlck Graff, Ann Arbor 350