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Why We Blush

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We liold the Mt. Pleasant Enterprise up over our face to shield the blushes wliile we clip the following from its columns: " The Ann Arbor Courier, one of our most valued exchanges ha entered upon 118 24tn year, anti Is better now than at any time In lis bUtory." The Gratiot Journal " goes for na " in marnier: " The Aun Arbor Courier, one of our bes and most carefully edlted exchanges, has ei tered upon lts 24th volume. The Courier ha never been so good a paper as lt is under lt present management." One of the very best things that a ma can do on Ui is eaith is to bring to brother pilgiim a happy moment. The Chel8ea Herald credits us up witli: Laat week's Courier had a column entitled "Why WeSmlle." We smole a smlle wlien we read lt- so mueh truth In lt. Tïm UwOEiio Timos wishes US gOod luck thus : The Ann Arbor Courier has entered on its 24th volume. lt has graced our tabte nearly every week since the flrxt Issue, and has always been an ably edlted, lnterestlng Journal, but was never better than it is to-day. May lts lnfluence for good never be less, or lts fldellty to principie grow cold. The Harbor Springs Republican approvea: The Ann Arbor Courier has entered upon lts twenty-fourth year. It has always been a true, earuest republican Journal.


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