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A Girl Should Learn

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Tosew. To cook. To mend. To be gentle. To valúe timo. To dress neatly. To keep a secret. To bvoUI idleness. To be self-reliant. To mind the baby. To darn stockings. To respect oíd age. To make good bread. To keep a house tidy. To make Iiome happy. To control her temper. To be above gossiping. To humor a cros9 man. To take care of the eick. To sweep down cob-webs. To marry a man for lus wortb. 'l'o be a help-mate to a husband. To keep clear of flash literature. To take plenty of active exercise. To see a mouse witliout screamiii;;. To read some books besides noTels. To be light-hearted and tleet-footed. To wear shoes that won't cramp be feet. To be a woinanly woman iiiuler :ill cir cumstauces. A scientific journal says that the ear of a clani is at the base of the foot. It must be funny to see a clam walk around listening for earthquakes.


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