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The manqueradfii given by Uie A. A. T. V., at Hungsterfer's hall, on Friday evening last, was a success, finaaclally, socially, and evcry other way. The atteudance was largp, the costumes worn were brilliant in many instances, and everyone who attended report tlieniselves as greally pleased. Amoiig the lady maskers were two who had dresscs made of Couribr newspapcrs, Miss Bertha Kuebler and Miss Sophie Deitas, and as no other paper was thua represente'l the CoruiER duly appreciates the compliment to its popularity among our many Germán citizeus and friends. The costuuie of each of these young ladies attr.icted mnch attention and applause. The Beggar Student was llked so well that it is rnmored the comuanv will return a liii' later on iu the seasoir John T. Raymond, who it will be reremembered opened the opera house here two years ago, and took his audience by storm, is to appear here again on March 3d, in Iiis great specialty "For Congress." Nuil Burgers who has made himself famous on the stage, is to appear at the grand opera house, Friday evening March 6th, in ' Vim.'' RISK ITEMS. '¦ Pa ! pa ! Where's my ma? Goneto the skating rink, ha! lm: ha!" As its a poor rule that won't work both ways, the ladies can have the privilege of changing plnces with the words pa and ma. The statement is made that there are 25 divorce sulu on the Wayne county dexket, the direct result of roller rink llirtations. Several elopments have also been reported at different places. Consequently som e of the ministers see in it inllueuces that arj eril. The management of the Great Western Combination wlilch Is shortly to appear at the "Palace'' have a standing ofl'er of f 1000 on each of their performers, to the effect that the world can't produce their equal.


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