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Things Not Generally Known

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A pace is 3 feet A palm is 3 inches. One íathom ís 0 feet A span is iOJg iurlies. There are 2,760 languagei. The average life is 31 yeara. 'J'wo persons die every second. Sound muves 743 miles per liour. A storm moves 3(3 miles per honr. Slow rivers flow 4 miles per hour. One bbl llour wciglis l'JG pounds. One bbl. pork weljchj 200 pounils. One mile is 1.700 yanls in lenjíth. Kapid rivers ilow 7 miles per hour. One square mile conlains 640 acres. One tub of butter weighs 84 pounds. Light mayes 192,000 miles per hour. Kille balls move 1,000 miles per hour. One acre coutains 4,840 square yards. A hurricane moves 80 miles per hour. One firkln of butter weijrhs 56 pounds. A hand (horse measure) is four inclief. Moderate wlnds blow 7 miles per hour. Electricity movea 288,000 miles per hour. The first use of a locomotive In this country was in 1829. The first almanac was prlnted by öeo. von Purbach in 1460. The Ür8t steam engine was brought from England In 1753. Uutil 1776 cotton spinoing was done b the hand spinning wheel. The llrst printing press in the Unitet States was Introduced in 1620. Two hundred and nlne feet on eacl side makcs a square acre within au Inch


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