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It Killed Him

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One of the most important items o news for i long time, was a dUpatcu t Mind:iy"8 dailies, reading as follows: CLkvelavd, March, 9.- SIx montlis ago George Barker, of Vermllllon, became the father of a Bon, whom he Damed Qrove Cleveland in honor of the then oimlUlate fo president. On Marcb 4, at about the same Iiour that Cleveland wan lnaugurated, little Grover Cleveland Barker died unezpectedly of ubuleia lnfautum. It is no wowder the cliild died. This thlng has been all mauy old fellows could posibly stand. It'eruelty. Tnn new cabinet, whicli takes tlirte men from the South, two from New Yoik, one from New England, and one from tho great West, is being severely criticised. Such noble demócrata as Allen G. Thurman, Stephen J. Field, Joseph E. McDonald, George B. McClellan, Qeorge II. Pendleton, and otherg, are passed by and Daniel Manning, u n enture of the Tweed ring In New York City, is taken in and elevated to power. Endicott, of Massachusetts, Vilas, of Wisconsin, and Manning and Whitney, of New York, as legal advisers to President Cleveland, are men never heard of outsido of their own localities, until within a few months. Their growth partakes of the mushroom, the same as does that of their superior. One of the wisest acts that the late congress ever dij was in the last wild agony of its dying hour. It was then that a stray streak of good sense shot across it, and a bilí pa?sed placing Gen. Grant on the retired list. President Arthur made the appointment and the thing was completed in very short order. His salary as retired General will be $13,500 per annum and $1,500 for commutatlon quarters. We honestly believe that thls actlon Is dolng tardy justlce by Gen. Grant. This blll should have passed a long time ago.


Ann Arbor Courier
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