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NO POISON IN THE PASTRY IF exIraqts ARE XJSEXJVanllla.Lemon, Orante, ¦.. Bavor Cok t'rrnm..Iiiilc11nc,,tc,il, dcllcotely QDd nat' urully n. lli, r, un ft-om u hlch Ihrjnrrniiidr. FOR STRENGTII AXD TRÜE FRUIT FLAVOIÍ THEY STAND ALOSE. PREPARCO tr TM Prlce Baking Powder Co., Chicago 6t. Loul, Mo. MAKERI OF Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder -AHD - Dr. Price's Lupulin Yeast Gems, Beat Dry Hop Vraat. Fosa sale 3"r aEOOEBa WK MAKR RUT Í1NR aiUI.ITT L58HT HEAITHY BREAD ÏIYEASTGEMS Th best dry hop ytast In tha world. Brod ralsed by thls yeast Is llght, white and wholerame like our qrandmother'i delleleui braad. CROCERS SELL THEM. PNIPAHCO BV TMI Price Baking Powder Co., lanfrs of Dr. Price's special FlaTortaz EiiracH Chicago, III. 6t. Louis, Mo - - The lictcit rnblecu .ApTETTPM for fever and aeoe, ilOSJt i Í ER% r Sa sr,e P' itlRATfO "lyioas nd nervonn. j To 6 u c h perBnnii, _ PK Hopti'ltcr'f Htomiich VnffrrisKrvfíyK "umnrhandbowels' w ..- u 'e lyp", nd stands % fc 8TOMCH.r alón n n c q nnlled Wllf #P amongonr national # ] F IBi P remedies. ¦ 1 1 !¦ For sale by 11 Dnigglsts and Dealere


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