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, Robust Health Is not always f nioyod bv those who seem to posscss it. 'fhe talnt of oorrupted blood may bo ecretly underminlna the constitution. Tn timp. the ppbon willcerlalulysnowitsi ¦H"i-ct, ;uul wil il uil Uiu muro virulence the louter it bas been allowed to pernii'aio ij item. Each pimple, sty, boíl, skiu disorder tod tense otf unnatural lassitude, or languor, is one of Nature's warulngs of the eooaequenoei of negleet. Ayer's Sarsaparilla Is the onlyremcdy tlint pan bc relied upon, In all cases, to eradieate the taintof heredltary diease and the special corruptions of the blood. It is the ouly alterativo that la sufliciently poVerful to thorouglily cleanse the system of Scrofulou and Mercurial lmpuritiea and the pollution of Contaglous Diseases. It al-o neutralizeg the poisons left ly Dlphtheria and Scarlet Fever, and enables rapid recuperation from the enfeebleinent and debility caused by these diseases. Myriads of Cures j Achleved by Ayer's Sarsaparilla, In the past f orty y ears, are attested, and there Is no blood diseasr, at all possible of cure, that wlll not yield to it. Whatever tlie alimente of this class, and whorever found, from the scur y of the Arctic circle to the "veldt-sores" of South Atrita, (hls remedy has afforded health to the sufferers by whom It was employed. Driggists everywhere can cite numeroua cases, within thelr personal knowledge, of reniarkable cures wroughtby it, whera all other treatment had been unavailiug. People wül do well to ' 'Trust Nothing Else than ATEK'S SAnSAPAlin.T Wameiuu crude mixture me i.norpil to the public bs "blood purifiers," whlch only allure the patiënt with the pretense of raany cbeap doses, and with whlch it is folly to experiment while dlsease is steadlly becoming more deep-seattd and difficult of cure. Some of these mixtures do mucU lastlne liarni. Bear in mind that the only medicine that can radically puriíy the Tltiated blood is f9 '. Ayer's Sarsaparilla, PRKPARED BT 'Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Masa. Sold by all Druggists: Price $1; . Six bottles for $5. „ LXJMBERÏ LUMEER! LXJMBEE! lt yon contémplate bullOIng, cali at FERDON Llllll ïllll! Corner Pourth and Depot Sts., and ;e our ligures for U Uimls of LUMBER! We manufacture our own Lumber and gun ra n toe AERY LOW PRICES 49Give us a cali and we wil! make it to yur Interest, as our lare and well gr:ided stock lully usUins our asscrtion. Telephone ConneLtions with Office. T. J. KttECH Supt. JAMES TOLBERT, Prop W. TREMAIN, GENERAL OFKIilv : Oyer Casper Rinsey's Grocery Store, COR. HURÓN AND FOURTH. STS.. North British Insurance Co., Of London and Edlnbuig. LCapltal, 13,0OU,0OI), Oold. Delroit Flre and Marlnfi Insurance Co., Cash Asaets 000,ÜOO. Springflcld Ins. Co. of Massneliusetfs, Cash Aesels $1,800,000. Howard Ibs. Company of New York, Cwh AesclB $1,000,000, Agricultoral lus Co., ITaiertown, ïi.T., Cash Afsets 1, 200,000. Losses Llberally Adjasted and I'romiitly Pald. DÖYÖÏÏ KHOW THAT LORILLARD'S CLIMAX PLUG TOBACCO With Ked Tin Ta;; Is the lipsl? bthaparMl I never aduller&ted wnii glaooaa, baryte, moluNKcH, r aTiy deleterlom iDgredlenta, u is tlie osm wiili many other lobWMOA LUItlLLAKDS HONK LBAV FIXK OUT TIIKUCO Is alKo made of the rtnest stook, and for aromatic chewiny (juallty Is secoud to uone. LOHILLAUU'N XAVY OIifPFIHCMk take nrRt rank as a solul daimblo smoklug tobuci-o wherevei tntrodaesa. LORIII.AKM WM9V 8XUFF. have been usl for over 124 yoars, and are sold to a largcr exlent tlian any otheni. A FRÜITARM FOR SALE. Ten Acres of Lancl, one-half of Which Is planted to FRUIT OF EVERY VAEIETY! Iocaledin Aun Arlxir TownRhlp, lliree inil'S frora the city. Inqulre of A. R 8elimldl. cor. of Detroit and Norlh Mts., Ann Arbor, Mtoh.


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