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" Lieutenant Grceley at Cape Sabina" .¦ tin; title of ui article whlcn is to p)ear in the May Ontury, vilten 1 y Engn Harlow, of the relief expedltlon. 'hat part relatlDg to the Greely party las been approved, as to the faott given, )y Lieutenant Greeley. Maurice Thompson, the poet and graceil writer of out-of doors ])rose, has write:i a novel, called "At Love'a Extremes," hicli Messrs. Cassell fc Company w i 1 1 iiiblisli in April. Tne scène of the story s laid in the monntalm of North Caroina, and while the two héroes are Bn lishinen It is a thoroughly American ale, ii stroDg m it is plcturesque. In tli is week's issue of tlie Curreut liireh 28. Profewor David Swinjr, of jhicajro, presenta a must brilliant paper, ío. 10 of "Tlie Aniericn Type" series; ïeorjre W. Eveleth hriefly discusses "The ackins; World; " E. A. Bnlvely, Clerk of ie llliiKiis Suprema Court, writes on l'uiilyinjr tlie Ballot;'' a bright and )leasing discussion of "The Langiiajie of liairs" by Afiles K. WetheraTd; suplemental to the papen whlch have apteured in The Current, is g mogt intersting third paper on "The Invincible mplre," by C. E. Merrill, whose perlonal efforts as a newspnpercommissiuiiiT lad niucli to do with Ihe extirpation of he Ku Klux Klan; Mr. G. C. Matthews, ne of the editors of The Current, conributes a paper entilled "Abiislng the eaislatures;" " [f" is % most InterestlDg hort story, sbowlng the lofluence of enironment upon the younir, by I'atience 'hornton (Mrs. Willfam SuplelOD); ,1. t. Wells, editor of tlie Cana. la School ournal, rites opon "The Moral Asects of vivisection ; " Chapter XVII, of S. P. Roe's "Au Original Belle," is preented; James D. Woley wntes atiout 'The popular prejudlce Againit Law'i-.'i1' ml Ail:i ï.anywolthi' Collier loses her intensely drumutlc story, " Uuder the Latiréis."


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