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Real Estate Sales

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Benjamin Atchinson to Jas. Tennant, Klem $ 800 Charlea B. Walker to BeDj, Atchinson, Salem 2,'JOO Abel Spalding to A. H. Holmes, Ann Arbor 1,800 O. Baker to J. H. Palmer, Ypsilanti 1,000 James Hewens to C. H. Merritt, Augusta 900 Peter D. Rogers to Spencer Davis, Augusta 3,000 Spencer Davis to Peter D. Rogers, Augusta 9,200 Magdalina II. Kurfess to Louisa Miller, Manchester 2,.20 Ann E. Burnett, guardian, to C. Jedele, Lodl 500 Wm. Stolsteiraer to J. Geo. Soliwart, Solo 5,500 Henry Schwat to W. and P. Fritz, Freedoin 1,000 Paul Fritz to Wm, Fritz, Freedom 5,000 Isaac D. Covert to George F. Case, Ypsilanti.. 500 John Park to A. H. Fillmore, Ann Arbor 237 Edwin C. Warner to B. C. Dolson, Ypsilanti.. 1,800 E. J. KdowHon to J. C. Knowlton, Aun Arbor 2,700 Patrick Donovan to W. F. & H. O. Lodholz, Ann Arbor 350 Wm. D. VanSickle to A. C. VanSickle, Salem 600 Mlnei va L. Davis to Sweetland, Glazler & Geddes, Lodl 1,830 Henry Geddes to Henry J. Davis, Lodi, 5,393 Mary Hauseler to Wllllam J. Wintom, Manchester 100 Emtrfc novro to George J. Haeussler, Manchester 1,730 Christopher Comiskey to Thoma Taylor, Ann Arbor 800 Moses Rogers to Fanny McMahon, Ann Arbor 200 John G. Fream to Jacob Luckhardt, Lodl 2,100 Eilmn A. Austin to Chas. Goodwin, Dexter 8,000 Louisa Seiirl to Elizabeth Bell, Ypsilanlt ... 600 E. and W. Childs to Joseph Smith, Ypsilantl 600 Lydia Kelsey to Edwin Eusterly. Saline 150 Edwin Easlerly to C. Y, 3acon, Saline 150 Phllo C. Sherwood to Andrew C. Sherwood, AugUHta 175 Luey A.and Ella Town to O. A. Ainsworlh, Ypslhintl 100 Charles Slegmund to C. V., Ypsllantl 1.C00 H. P. Henohell, etui. toA. ReiDhardt, Ypsllantl 1,000 Theresa Teunter to Nicholas Cardary, Ypsllautl 310 Maria E Sehmtdt by executor to A. and C. Kraushaar, nexter 400 Sully A. Cooper to Elizabflli Beaubien, Ypslluntl 700 John W. Blakeslee to P. aud S. Van i.i.'Non. York 1,700 Jos. L. Rose to George A. Hendrick, An il Arbor 500 James Winter to Henry B. Vngedlug, Freedom 1,881 John f'. Grossto J. F. & J. Burkhardt, Saline 2,300