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A PrettyWomaiïs Secret. Fcar oí di-rov.ry, when she resorts to falae hair and dyes, U a source of conttant iinxicty to her. The very personi from wliom sbe most desires to hide the watiin of her cliarms are the ones most likely to nuk the discoverv. B.n ihoM b no reason why sbe lioukl not regala nd retaiu all the beauty of hair that waa her pride In youth. Let her ue Ayer's Hair Vigor, and, not only will her hair cease to full out, but a new growth wül appear whore the scalp haa been denuded; and locks that are turnin gray, or have actually prown white, will return to thelr prlstinc fre-.hnrs and brilllance oí color. AYEit'a IJair 'ipoR cures Heredltary Baldness. Georoe Mayer. Flatonia, 7za,was bald at 23 years of age, as bis anceators had been for several generntlonv One Dottle of Hair Vigor start ed a growth of soft, downy hair all over hi.i calp, whlch oon became thick, long, and vigorou. Ayer's Hair Vigor is nnt a dit, but, by healthfnl timulation of the roots and color glande, peídily restores to its orijjlnal color hair that is Turning Cray. . Mrs. Catherine Peamer, Point of Hoeks, Md., had her hair euddenly blanched bj fright, duritij? the Iat civi war. Ayer's IIaib Vigor restored it to its natural color, and made it ofter. clossier, and more abundant than It luid been before. Scalp Dlsease Whlch cause drmex, brtttlenes, and falllng of the hair, dandruff, itchlng, and annoyin sores, are all quickly cured by Ayer's H air Vigor. It cured Herbert Boyd, Minneapolis, Ninn., of Intolerable Itcning of the Scalp; J. N. Carter, Jr., Occogtian, Va., of Scald Head; Mrs. D. V. S. Lovelace, Lovelacetillc, Kv., of Tetter Sores; JÍI83 BE8SIE H. Bedloe, Bnrlington, Vt., of Scalp Disease and Dandruff. Torpidity of the rootü of the hair, whlch, If neglected, roay result in incurable baldness, is readily cured by Ayek's Hxm Vigor. As A Toilet Luxury Ayer's ITair Vigor has no enual. It is coloriese, cleanly, delightfullv períumed, and has the 'effect of maklng the hair soft, püaut, and glossy. Ayer's Hair Vig-or, TREPA RED BY Dr. J. C. Ayer & Cc, Lowell, MaM. Sold by all Druggists. LIJMBERÏ LUMBER! X.T7M BEK! It you contémplate building, cali at FERDON IJIIEI l'lll! DoriMr Fourth and Depot Sts., and ge our figures for all kinds of LUMBER! We manufacture our own Lumber and guarantee AERY LOW PRICE8 Ï-Give us a cali and we will make it to your nterest, as our large and well gfraded stock iully ustains our useruon. Telephone ConneUions with Office. r.J. KKECHSupt JAMES TOLBERT, Prop W. TREMAIN, GENERAL [ram IgrimcyY OKiriCK : )ycr Casper Rinsey's Grocery Store, COR. HÜKON AND FOÜRTU. STS., orth British Insurance Co., Of Londou and Edlnburg. [Caplul, 13,000,000, Gold. ïetrolt Flre anti Marine Irmurance Co., Cash A&seta $800,000. pringfleld Ins. Co. of Massathasetts, Cuh Astets tl ,800,000. lownrd Ihs. Company of New Tork, Cuh Aiheü $1,000,000. Lgrlctiltural Ins Co., Watertown, N.T., Cash Ansets 1,200,000. lofiei Llberally Adjafed nd Promptly Pald. Rose Leaf, Fine Cuf, A%', i Navy Clippins . andSnuffs AK


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