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Leatber book bindings mr.y be revived by rubbing them with white of an egg. Burnt uraber, with a little Venetian red mixed with poner, makes a dark ostk stain. At a diniier recentlv given the table was strown witli half-open rosebuds. The eiIn-i was quite novel. Pretty baby blankets are made of thin white silk, stulled with pink cotton wool and tafted with white satin bows. The wooüen jtriipe baskets are made into work-baskets and lined with pin eusbiODS and pockets. Brigbt ribbon bows are placed on the handles. Velveteen makes very handsome table scarte. It may be embroidered In the Mme way as velvet and may be lined with saleen. Very effective lamp sliades are made of altérnate strips of lace insertion ind ribbon. The ends are linislied witli tassels tüe color of the ribbon. A novelty in colored cheese cloths is very attraelive. Bed-roomcurtains ot the material In pink, crimson, pale blue and lemon colors are very pretty. A pretty mantel lambrequin is made of yellow Unen, whlch is raveled outarounc! 'the edge to form Ibe frlnge, and gtowlng tulipa ure painted all arouud it.- [Dorcas. To make a jewel case of a eigar box, cover the outside with liglit silk or satin, line iiifcide willi eotton-battlng and cover with the silk or satin; nail around the edge with braas tacks a box plaiting of nairow satin ribbon. A very pretty tidy may be made of an oblong place of satin or velvet, bordered by broad ribbon and edped with deep lace. In one corner a spray of tlowers is worked in silk. Old gold satin with deep purple pansies has a rich effect, or a vine of blue convulvus on a crimson ground Is very graceful. A very pretty fan can be inade by takone of the ordinary Japanese yarieties for a frame, whlch must be covered on botli lldei with slik. Put a puff of colored orape around the ed;e, and fill tbc center with loops of narrow ribbon of the sanie shade. A tlower, or a gold or silver butterfly, can then be fastcned on tlghtly wlierevèr it pro ves most effective. Wind the handle with ribbon, and flnlib witii a little bow. Plain ponpree or China slik, besides beinj; fashionable for dresses, is used in scarf and sash and butterfly lidies for boute decorution. As it ík soft and fine of texture il drapes most beautifully over easels and vases, and falls in the most exquisite unes round picture frames and plaques, and knots without looklng tumcliy into the scarf-tidies, now so fashionable. For these purposes the liili-art shades are moet frequently "sed, and are neutral witliout beiug dull, and bright without belng fiashy.


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