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The Water Works Question

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We are told tliat the cotitritctor, Mr. Goodhue, went away trom Ann Arbor "chuckling" over the new water works contract been use the cliangrs would inake the bonds sell better. Thia may all be. The new contract cxlls forgood water for doiuestic purposes, for better works, put in in a business-like marnier, and the better they are the greater satiüfaction will be glven, and of eourse the bouds wlll sell better. IfMr. Goodhue bas over-charged the city upon the difference in cost of substituting 6-inch for 4-inch pipe, he has told a delibérate falsehood, that's all; and if that is the cause of liis "chucUing," it Ís something to bis disciedit. He stated In open council that all hedusired to a-k the people for making the change wae 7 per cent, interest on the extra cott entailed upon the company. by such changes whieh he stated would amount to $100 ,er mile. If the cost is eM than thu if he has charged the city an exorbitant price for thechange, it is nocreilit to Mr Goodlnie, and muy nor, in the end, redoiind to the credit of hlmoelf and the Ann Arbor water works cotupany. A LITTLK 8IKGULAR. Isn't it a little singular? When it comes to mnking a contract for ligliting (liis cuy witii a few ((Molla latnps, the thing must be closcly investijrated, bids -t h advertised for. umi tlie most rigid economy observed. But wlien wnter works ave to be put in, nunmltntlnj an expenditure of many thooundl of dollars yearly for near half a cviitiirv, not only must there be no blds advertiscil for, but no bids, cxocpt one, nm-t be cowtidered even? And when miy member of tlie enancll questions the iindiie liaste ind imbusinei-like meihod ol pioceeding, he BOt be subjerted to a storm of personal abuse? Ol oouise itmay be all risfht, but it is a little singular, jnst Ihe anw, añil we sliotild be plu.ised to have some one who does, explain the eaiiRe. SOüRCE OF SUPPLV. That liltle clause In refeience to "good water for doinestic purposes" has evidently borne good fruit already, for we learn that the nuinerous sprinjra on or near the "BIrd farm," adjacent to Cascade Glen, re benig tested, and it ia now stated that a sufficient quautity of water can be obtained trom them to supply the city. Iftrue, this isglorious uews for tiie city. Notwithstanding an eminent cliemlst'a be prefeiable toany other water to be obtained from wells or spring in this vicinity," we believe that water froui one of these living spiings WOlllii be taken by nearly every liouseliolder in the ciiy. A guKRY. If tbree-inch pipe is just as good as four-ineh pipe for the distribution of water through our city, how is it that wherever water-woiks have been put in throiigbout the union tbere isbutone answer to the question, whicb is: "Don't allw one foot of 4-in. pipe to be lald." Several letters in the possession of the writer, from local ities where they have water-works, are espeoially explicit upon this point. " Fourinch pipe is of little value, and will snoii have to be replaced ir put down," is the atmnimoiu verdict where expe;ience has been the teacher. Wlien the question ot four-inch pipe was fir8t broached, the people were told that there wus to be but three miles of t put in. Tben tlirce miles grew to toar. At the coimcil niPetinjfs flye miles were Jeyeloped, and flnally, when liurd-pan was reached and the council decidt-d to change to six-incii pipe, il was suddenly discovered that there was êix miUt of tour-inch pipe ou the plans! Why was cleception practieed about the gize of pipe to be laid ? WK TOLD YOD 80. The asKertion has been made thit Air. Gooilhue lelt extremely ph'ased beCHUse the changes made in the contract wouhl add no txprato to Ihe flrm putting in the works. The Couiuer stated in lts article of April 2 that the changes asked for would not add anv buidens to the compatiy, but were dtslgned (Iroply to proUct the iuterests et the penple of ihïs city. TKS. "Is there :i Hoodlt;?" iskod the Detroit Evenin-f News last night. Well, time may divulpe sonie thiiiifs in respect to that. It s oiir private opinión that there is oue - a sm il! mie. it ltl - in prosjx-ct. In looking ever the statistics given In the Michigan Manual, sonie very valuable knowledge is to be fouml. In the school statistics, for Imtance. In Washtenaw county for 1H84 tliere was a school populatlea of 12,923. of which 9,505 attend.d school duiinjt the year. A record thxt should be Improred, but at II farbcttir tlian that of inany olher countie. In tlie city of Detroit, out of a school pnpulation of 45,641, only 18,148 attended Pchool ! Wheie is the balance being eduratcd 't On the stief U or in the slums? In the luidst of all our enlijfhteHiiieiit and prugress is there Dot a great horde lirowin up in rnoraneef I to be done to change this? Here's a pro'jlein for stiitesiiH'ii (0 solvc I'norance is on the increase, with tyvtj lacility of free schools md educatiou ! A eoinpulsory school law hu proven of no avaih YVhat is the lext best thing? Disappointment after dlsappointment nis been bartod at us by the Adventista, ut still they ding to the tlieory thut we (the workl) are to come to an end soon. And dow the 19th d.iy f M iy luis been ettlerl npon as tlie day to eml all sublunary thlngs. Prepara to asceiul (or deicend). Our fnend of the YpsiUnti Sentinel Ifould look upon the briht side of liings occasionally. He says i " It is siiid ie President MWrad a younjf man from lewestthat he wonld 'ncver live loDg nouiMi to see the end of deinocmtic adniinistratlon.' Souie are begiuniu)( lo ear they will never see the beginning."


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