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WEDNKSDAY, MAY 13, 1885 Anu Arbor l'ost Offico. Ann Arbor Time. Office Hours ! lieneral : ¦ ni to 8:00 p. m Huodys 9M to 10:00 . m. loalne mud Opoiimg of malla. Mails CIobo- ooino bast. .ockpouchto Detr it 7:15. m. rolt Urand Kaptds K. P. O 10 iö a. m. Detroit ihicai-o K. H. O MM p. m. " K. P. 0 8.1X1 p.m. IÍMI.NU . Detroit, Jackson & Niles 8:00 a. m. Detroit ChicKgu K. V. 0 10:10 a. m. Detroit Uraud Kapid 5;IH) p.m. Uetruit Chicago K. P, ü 8:W p. m. i.-hm: miiii il. South Lyoo Toledo R. P. O :(0 . m. ¦ Hll.Ml 8IIUT11. LockPouch to Toledo 7:15. m. Sontn Uïod & Toludo K. P. O „ ï:40 p. m. ll.Hi.-l DISTKIBCTED (Bastero.) Detroit fc Chicago K. P. O.. 9:45 a. m. Datroit muil :iUa ui. Detroit Jt Chicago K. P. 0 11.80. m. Detroit Graad Kapids U:30 p. m. (Western.) Detroit Chicago h. P. o 7:45 a. m. Uotruit Grand Uapida 11,12 a.nv DeUoit Chicago K.tP. O Mi p. m. (Northern.] South Lyon & Toledo K. P. 0 3:30 p.m. (Southern.) South Lyon & Toledo R. P. O.-.. 11:00, m. Lock pouch from Toledo 7:45 a. m. Ana Arbor .Mke mail close 9:30 . m„ aud ia diatnbuted 6:S0 p. m. J.C.K.NOWLTON.P. M. Dated, Dec. 1, Uti. KrirmtN of The Coarler, who have baHlnexH at the Probate Conrt, will lilruni" request Jsdce Uarriman to .-ml i iiclr l'rïiitiiia to tilín office.


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