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Only last week I met in New Oileans 11 aughter of okl Sam Houston, whonnseted all mj notious a to her falher. Thif ady, Mrs. Nettie H. Briughurst, is now a ery earnest worker ia the WonianV ühristian Tempcrance Union, and is very na. I happened to speak of seei"g lier .ither in Yrrmont years and years ajto, nd she in reply taid that alie was boi n nly a few montlis after he returned from lat trip to New Eugland. In tlie courge of tlio converation she aid that her fathcr dicd of a b roken liearl, nd she mentioned i coincldence wljich, il ever heard of it, I had fortiotten. When 'exas came intolhe Union, Houfton wlio lad served two terms as president he was opposed to annexaüon. 'Wlien the wur jioke out he was goveinor of the Kilte, nd was opposed to feceiwion. He took he position thal as Texas had come voluutarily into the union she must sty. Jut the convention and the leri.lature were against liiin, and finally a resolution was paswd to depose hiui from office. The lay beibre the resolution was to take ef'ect he reslgned. Bcfore tliis President Lincoln offered lim tioops to keep the state In theUnion, mt lic dtclinetl atsistance. He was offered a place in the cabmet, but he declined his, and relired to bis furin in the oiimry, and grieved over the break-up of the Jnion, and, literally speaking, died of h broken beurt. Mis. Uringliurst is the oungest eblld by Hnusioii ttcoud nifo )nr of his sons wiig in the rebel annv. Alter Houston's death all of the cliildivn lad to look out forthemselves. After liioiifi service in public life Sara Houston died a poor man. The daugliter's story nl ler f'ather's {frieving over the war u ivery pathetic, and it gave me, as I have sald, a new impiession of tlie rough old lighter. - Chicago ínter Ocean. The state law limiting the daniages to ue paid by municipal coiiorations tor inUrtea sustalned by detective roadsor siJewalks provides that where the population does not exceed 500, not more than $300 can be recovered ; 500 and loss than a 1,000, $000, exclusive of coste; 1,000 and lens llian 2,000, $1,000; over 2,000, 91,800 Owners of abuting property where the injury was inflicteil are not üable.


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