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A wrker in the "Open Letters" depaiiini'iitiirihe August Centuiy discus9es the qui'stion, 'Whatshall be Done with Our KxPresklents ?" The August Century wlll Imve a MPM on " iCei'ping - Prt-sont and Future." Ir will coiibtiii chaoten on jhc p'ojicr coiistriu'tion of hotels, pliimhintr, venlillation, iippoiiitinents, sik II', the lablef ndyanUgea of the American and Europeiin pluns, etc, etc. The flrst nrrow shot froni The Quiver thU moBth, i .in ucciiuntot the winner of Tlie Quivcr's liist lilver mi'dul offert-d lor hemic conduct. The design of this new mednl, of whlch n reproduction isgiven, was made by Mis. Clausen, and representa a brave yoimg man bearinir a fnintint brotlier trom a wateiy grave, while Death: deprlved of bis prey, is skulklng off in the biickgronnd. James NoIhiip, the youiijr Irihin:i(i whoftMffht tlie fi ree bnttle ti) 11 mtnliig catutropne near the villiigH nf Niildry, is IbeflrM Qtrirer liero, and ba wil a Ikm'o d C'iisscll &()ompany, Limited, New York. Price, f 1.50 a year in advance.


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