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Friday night last a burglar effected an entrance to the house of Mr. fclockbower, on S. üniversity Ave., corner S. IngalU st. While rumaging around, Mrs. Slockbower was awakened, and jumping from the bed she confronted Mr. Burglar, who presented a revolver and told her to keep qulet or he would be obliged to shoot. She returned to her room, bilt managed to elude the thief and went to a nelghbor's tor help. Offlcer Gidley was aroused, but when he got there the light-tingered gentleman had tlown with a gold watch and clinin, a pocket book contaiuing some raluable papers and f 25 or $30 in currency; a diamond ear ring (its mate being at the jewelry store for repairs), two lingtr rings, and soine other things valued at ubuut $300. Saturday morning a yonng lad found the pocket book contaiuing all the papers but minus the money, and also found one of the stolen rings, which the thlef had prnbubly dropped by accident. Pi osecuting Attorney NonU and Sheriff Walah have done all they posslbly could to ferret out the law breake.r, but only clictunstantial evidence on which an arrest could not be made, bas been obtained. l'li; same tiight the house of Mr. Iiaolcus, Tefterson st., was entered and a gold watch taken with other valuables. Attempts were made to break iiito 'roí'. DePüDt'l house, Friday and Saturday night. And the home of Mrs. Buton next to Prof. DePont's was also atempteil, as was the residtnce directly opposite. Saturday iiight VilI Hatcli reports an Itcmpt to break into his house, but a oisy dog scared away the burjilari. Othcre, reponed s milar occiirrenccs. t i tbougbt Hiere will be a rert for i few days now for the thieves to dUpoge of stolen property and allow the pcople to get a little off their guard agaln. '


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